Mataró Dedicates The 2021 Natural Sciences Seminar To Microorganisms And Epidemics


Mataró dedicates the 2021 Natural Sciences Seminar to microorganisms and epidemics. The ability of microbes to help us, control populations or make us sick will be explored.

On April 12 begins a new edition of the Natural Sciences Seminar , organized by the Delegació de la Serralada Litoral Central (ICHN) and the Culture Directorate of the Mataró City Council (Maresme) under the name of ‘ Small and dangerous: microorganisms and epidemics ‘.

Through nine conferences and two outings , in this edition, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, the capacity of microorganisms to help us, control animal and plant populations, as well as make us sick, will be explored.

“Humanity has evolved together with microorganisms, has used them and suffered their consequences since time immemorial. However, it has only been aware of its existence for a relatively short time ”, they remarked from the consistory.

The sessions will take place in the afternoons at the Pompeu Fabra Library , except for the first conference that will be held virtually. In addition, there will be two guided outings: on May 8, Joan Maltas i Montoro (University of Lleida) will guide the public through the history of the epidemics in Mataró; On May 15, Cèsar Gutiérrez (Can Ponet) will guide the excursion to get to know the Montnegre forests and the infectious and epidemic diseases they suffer.

Attendance certificate
Registration for the seminar is free and will be done through a form , in person at the Culture Directorate of the Mataró City Council or by calling 93 758 23 61 .

At the end of the seminar, a “ certificate of attendance ” will be given to those registered who certify that they have participated in a minimum of six conferences and the two workshops. These people will also receive a free copy of number 31 of the scientific journal L’Atzavara , a monograph on the topics covered in this Seminar.


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