New Sci-fi Fantasy Novel By Author R.M. Schultz – The Forgotten Sky


Author  R.M. Schultz is pleased to announce that his new fantasy novel, The Forgotten Sky is receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers.

Unrest smolders in a galaxy where most citizens endure the oppressive society of the Northrite corporation.

“It gave me Game of Thrones vibes, but so much better (if possible) … To say I loved this is an understatement!”— Readers’ Favorite

“Characters, story, world-building, and twists as vivid and complex as A Game of Thrones.”— D. Patterson, Team Jaycken

“Like nothing you’ve read this year. Layered in story and intrigue and brimming with character.”—J.L. Lux, Team Seeva, author of The Fall of Dalmorall

The Forgotten Sky is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

About the Author:
R.M. Schultz lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, daughter, and many pets. He enjoys the outdoors, playing the guitar, and reading and writing across genres but always includes fantasy or science fiction elements in his work. He founded and heads the North Seattle Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Group.


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