Top Video Editing Software Choices for YouTubers in 2023


With millions of videos uploaded daily to YouTube, creators now face greater demands to produce high-quality videos that engage their viewers while also looking professional.

Thanks to advances in technology, this process has become simpler for content creators than ever. Before, editors would need to work for hours editing raw footage before providing the final edit that would be approved for publishing. Now there are numerous video editing software choices that most have access to and creators don’t require an editor for every video edit they produce.

Greater access = Better Quality Content

With the accessibility of these software tools, content is getting better all the time. While this may present a number of challenges for creators, viewers are now able to obtain a better entertainment experience. More creators are using these platforms to create professional-looking videos, thus giving those that watch everything that they could want from the videos that are being uploaded.

Of course, there are numerous tools now available on the web that can be downloaded. This choice can be considered both a positive and a negative. Video editing can now be enhanced as there are a range of options that feature different elements and built-in tools that can sharpen the final product. On the flip side, though, it can provide a challenge for those who are new to it, as they may not know which program to download.

What are the best options for YouTubers in 2023?

If you are looking to get into video content creation or want to enhance it through editing in 2023, then it is worth taking a look at the following downloadable tools:

  1. FXHome

FXHome is one of the top options for YouTubers in 2023 because the platform can provide them with access to a variety of different tools. There is a free version of the video editor that can be used for those who might want to get to grips with it for the first time and create stunning visual effects, track motion, and use advanced color grading tools if you want to do some basic editing, while there is a paid subscription option that can provide users with access to a number of advanced tools that can take the content created to an entirely new level.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Perhaps the number one option on the market is the Adobe Premiere Pro software tool. It is widely used across the industry and has long been the main choice for video editors across all niches. One reason it has managed to remain the only pick for so many is because it incorporates a number of professional-grade features, while it also provides access to tools that other platforms do not have. It can be integrated with other Adobe programs, which may make the process simpler for some editors, especially if they use After Effects or Photoshop. The only negative for YouTubers could be its price, as it can become an expensive outlay.

  1. Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s contribution to the video editing industry, Final Cut Pro X is limited to the company’s devices, thus potentially giving some YouTubers accessibility issues. It is not a cheap option, either, but given what it provides, there are many that justify its pricepoint. For instance, it features a number of easy-to-use tools that can transform any raw video content into a professional-looking product, while also being simple to use at the same time.

  1. DaVinci Resolve

Lesser-known in comparison to the other programs mentioned, but DaVinci Resolve has become one of the best options for YouTubers in recent years. Like FXHome, the platform provides a free version as well as a paid option, thus giving editors the opportunity to play around and test out certain features before committing to purchasing it. Naturally, only basic tools are available to utilize, but they can still have a great impact on the video created and help turn it into YouTube-ready.

Which one should be chosen?

Each of the platforms discussed here offer distinct advantages and disadvantages; ultimately it boils down to each YouTuber and what their desired goals are when selecting the most suitable platform. As part of their research process, it may be worthwhile experimenting with some free versions first as this can give an indication as to whether they can achieve desired results and produce top quality YouTube clips.


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