Unlocking the Keys to Public Reach: 5 Strategies for Increasing Your Video’s Impact


Video content has become one of the main ways in which audiences now receive messages. Whether it be promotional and marketing messages, or simply for entertainment purposes, videos have overtaken all other forms of medium.

While they have proven to be effective, millions of videos are continually being made each and every day. This can make it extremely difficult for creators to try and stand out, as the space becomes crowded and saturated very quickly. Additionally, with the vast number of content being created, videos can quickly become old and no longer be watched.

Simple content promotion may have worked in the past, but it is not enough today. Creators need to ensure they are able to market their videos properly, and this comes through the use of certain strategies. Again, with so many available to use, not all are going to work or be ideal. The right strategy needs to be devised and used, and this could mean spending time working on numerous ways in order to unlock public reach.

Five Proven Strategies That Can Unlock Public Reach

Depending on the type of video content being created and published, as well as the impact that is desired to be achieved, there are a variety of different strategies that can be used. Five of the most proven include:

  • Optimizing for SEO
  • Using dedicated templates
  • Leveraging social media
  • Collaboration
  • Continuous analysis

1.  Optimizing for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an incredibly important aspect of all online marketing and exposure. This includes video content. Most who use the internet will use a search engine like Google or Bing to find what they are looking for. By using SEO techniques, creators can ensure their video ranks highly among the search results, thus being more likely to be seen and watched. In order to do this, creators should be using keywords that are related to their content in the title, metas, tags, and descriptions, as this is what the search engine will pick up. It is important to research what others are looking for when doing this, as keywords can change over time and those that are generic may get lost because of other content that may rank higher.

2.  Dedicated Templates

The use of a dedicated video template can help to increase a video’s overall impact, and potentially make it achieve the public reach desired. Platforms and tools like DaVinci Resolve can be ideal as they can help creators to save time and create professional-looking videos in a matter of moments. They can also be inexpensive compared to alternative methods, such as hiring an editor to work on the final cut. Given that the industry is so tough in terms of competition, hiring an editor could be an expense that isn’t required when you can use a dedicated template. Throw in that videos can look professional through the software, it could be one of the best strategies available.

3.  Leverage Social Media

It could be argued that video content tends to do better on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Each platform is famed for its visual content, with millions logging on daily and spending hours watching clips. Of course, this brings competition, but it could be the best strategy available to achieve the greatest public reach. Algorithms do need to be taken into account, so it is important to try and be on trend at the time of creation, while using SEO tactics such as hashtags and keywords can also help content receive as much exposure as possible.

4.  Collaboration

Collaboration has become a successful marketing strategy for many, especially with video content. Brands have started to connect and work with people who have a large following on social media, thus allowing them to potentially reach even more people with the content that they have created. Known as “influencers”, these individuals can then share the video with their followers across various platforms, typically for a price. If this is a strategy that is considered, it is important to consider which influencer to use, and whether they are going to appeal to the target market. Just because they have millions of followers, this does not mean it will be successful for your business as only a handful – or none – may have an interest in the video being marketed.

5.  Continuous Analysis

Continuous analysis is one of the best strategies that can be adopted and implemented by anyone. By staying on top of what is successful and what isn’t, you can work out and determine what type of video content is achieving the desired level of public reach. If you notice what works, you can use that formula for future videos, while ideas that do not can then be discarded or shelved for a later date.

Not One Strategy Works For All

There is no one-size-fits-all approach available, which is why it is important to consider as many strategies as possible. With video content creation extremely competitive, it could be that use and mixture of the outlined strategies above could potentially lead to the best chance of achieving success.


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