‘HHH Club’: A & B Guest House’s New Podcast Elevates Hospitality Conversations


A & B Guest House in Cambridge, guided by the visionary Inga Grigaitiene, is proud to announce the debut of its groundbreaking podcast, the HHH Club (Host Haven Hub Club).

This podcast unveils an exclusive peek behind the hospitality curtain, engaging with proprietors, travellers, and guests to offer insights that extend beyond the usual industry dialogue.

In an engaging inaugural episode, Inga Grigaitiene sat down with Ross Temple, the Head Coach at Big Business Events, for an in-depth discussion. They explored the intricacies of hotel management, the layers of guest experiences, and the vital need for integrity within the industry. This episode marks the start of a series set to captivate listeners with discussions featuring influential figures from the hospitality realm.

The HHH Club podcast aims to highlight the hidden aspects of the hospitality world, emphasizing the restorative power of understanding the backstage dynamics encountered during stays. With her rich background in running the distinguished A & B Guest House, Inga Grigaitiene brings a fresh perspective to the podcast, examining the intricate interactions between guests, the premises, and its owners.

Exploring guest relations and their impact on travel experiences forms a key narrative thread of the HHH Club podcast. It probes into the role of guest evaluations and their effect on shaping a property’s image. Inga Grigaitiene’s goal in sharing these insights is to elevate service standards and cultivate an open relationship between hospitality providers and their clients.

Inga Grigaitiene invites individuals with a stake in the hospitality industry to participate in the podcast and voice their perspectives. The HHH Club podcast serves as a platform for a variety of voices, aiming to bridge communication gaps and highlight the importance of maintaining excellence in hospitality services.

The core aim of the HHH Club podcast is to facilitate a dialogue between accommodation owners, guests, and tourists. By offering an insider’s view of the hospitality sector, the podcast educates its audience and fosters transparency, ultimately enhancing the guest experience.

To express interest in featuring on the HHH Club podcast, please reach out to Grigaitiene.inga@gmail.com


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