“Feeding Success” Podcast Launched by UK’s Celebrated Food Freedom Coach


Hanna Longstaff, widely acclaimed as the Food Freedom Coach for her pioneering contributions to mental health and nutrition, has introduced an engaging new podcast, “Feeding Success.” This podcast is set to explore the experiences and paths of high achievers from various fields, such as sports and business, while shedding light on crucial issues like overeating disorders, food dependencies, and mental health.

Awarded the Best Start-Up Business accolade by Big Business Events, Longstaff channels her expertise and zeal into “Feeding Success,” aiming to revolutionize the eating habits of a million people. She highlights the widespread yet often concealed struggles related to food, emphasizing the accompanying secrecy and shame.

“Many people are silently trapped in a cycle of overeating, using work as a distraction from underlying issues,” Hanna Longstaff elucidates. “This adversely affects their mental health and confidence, leading to a decline in their overall well-being and productivity.”

Longstaff points out the substantial effect these challenges have on individuals and organizations alike, advocating for more proactive support from employers. “Over 25% of the workforce battles with serious food- and body-related challenges, significantly impacting their mental health and concentration,” she notes. “Yet, the responsibility of employers in this aspect is frequently disregarded.”

To combat these critical issues, The Food Freedom Coach provides bespoke solutions tailored to each organization’s specific needs. Through offering complimentary weekly coaching sessions via Eventbrite, she aims to empower individuals to manage their eating habits better and enhance their mental and emotional health.

Longstaff supports her methodology with the following compelling statistics:

  • 64% of UK adults are overweight, with 26% falling into the obesity category (source: UK Government, 2022).
  • 55% of adults with obesity are likely to experience depression (source: JAMA, 2010).
  • Approximately 3.4 million individuals in the UK, or 5% of the workforce, suffer from severe eating disorders, with more than half affected by disordered eating patterns (source: priorygroup.com).
  • Research indicates that content employees are 12% more productive (source: University of Warwick, 2021).
  • Leading enterprises like Salesforce acknowledge the benefits of coaching in enhancing mental health and elevating productivity and profitability.

Through “Feeding Success,” Hanna Longstaff seeks to initiate impactful discussions, raise awareness, and drive meaningful change in the mental health and nutrition landscape.

For further details on “Feeding Success” and the transformative coaching services offered by Hanna Longstaff, visit www.mindfoodbodycoach.com or secure your spot at the next free online support meeting: www.eventbrite.com/e/the-food-freedom-club-weekly-coaching-tickets-778952326377


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