Best Safety Boots in 2022


Wearing the right workwear will help make your employees more safe, satisfied, and productive. However, footwear is often overlooked when it comes to workwear. Safety boots are an essential part of your work gear, and you need to choose one that can provide the support and protection you need. As a matter of fact, boots will be worn for hours throughout the day, and the last thing you want to worry about is safety or suffer from back or foot pain as a result of unsuitable work boots.

What makes a good safety boot?

  • Toe protection: Nobody would want to have their toes crushed on the job, right? A boot with the right type of protection can prevent your toes from getting crushed. Steel toe boots like RS PRO Steel Toe Capped Safety Boots that are available in black, white, and honey colours and DeWALT Laser Black Steel Toe Capped Safety Boots are designed to safeguard your employees who work in environments prone to falling objects.
  • Heavy duty protection: Look out for safety boots that are sturdier, and are cut proof, abrasion proof and penetration proof. For instance, in addition to providing a way for workers to keep their feet protected from dangerous objects, boots like RS PRO Black Fibreglass Toe Capped Ankle Safety Boots also ensure that their feet remain comfortable throughout the day.
  • Chemical and liquid resistance: To protect the workers from dangerous chemicals, oils, fuels, and other fluids, RS Components have safety boots that are chemical and liquid resistant. DeWALT Apprentice Brown Steel Toe Capped Safety Boots are one such safety boots that can protect your feet in hazardous environments. The outsole is resistant to petrol, chemicals, oil and heat.
  • Comfort and safety: Comfortable footwear can be chosen for less stringent safety demands. Safety footwear need not have to be bulky and uncomfortable. Whether it’s trainer boots with polymer reinforced toes or anti-slip soles for damp floors at work, safety footwear comes in a variety of styles. You can also select plastic boots if your budget is limited, but keep in mind that these may not be able to protect you well enough against harsh environments.
  • Construction material: The material from which your boots are made will have an effect on their comfort, flexibility, and durability. There are many types of materials that can be used to make work boots, including leather, rubber, nylon, and plastic. The best material for the application and the environment you work in will depend on the advantages each material offers.
  • Sole: Safety boots with a good sole are also an important factor to consider. All applications are benefited from slip-resistant soles, so it is always recommended to select safety boots with slip-resistant soles. It is also possible that you will need acid and fire-resistant soles or slip- and oil-resistant soles depending on your work.

The protective safety boot ranges from RS Components include high quality safety boots and shoes from brands such as Dickies, Dewalt and Dr Martens to name a few. Safety boots are available for both genders in different sizes, colours, types, safety ratings, closure types, etc.

Safety boots are as important as PPE kits, gloves and protective head gear. RS Components have a number of high-quality safety boots from leading manufacturers. To buy our safety boots at affordable prices, visit our website.


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