Nicola Court Celebrates Two Decades of Holistic Wellness with Path To Wellbeing


Path To Wellbeing, under the guidance of its founder Nicola Court, commemorates its 24th anniversary, encapsulating a transformative journey from personal adversity to becoming a vanguard of holistic health, especially in women’s wellness and fertility issues.

Nicola Court’s odyssey into the realm of healing commenced in 1997 amidst her career as a photographer, which took an unexpected turn due to redundancy in 2000. This pivotal moment propelled her into the world of complementary therapies, beginning with massage therapy studies at Harlow College during evening classes, laying the foundation for her healing practice.

With an unwavering zeal for knowledge, Nicola pursued an intensive degree in Traditional Chinese acupuncture at the LCTA College, validated by Portsmouth University, and graduated in 2007. She has since been dedicated to alleviating diverse health conditions, with a pronounced focus on women’s health challenges.

Nicola’s quest for a holistic therapeutic approach led her to attain a Masters in Traditional Herbal Medicine from Westminster University in 2016, further enhancing her expertise. Her personal journey, marked by overcoming dyscalculia, has inspired her to champion the needs of those often overlooked by conventional healthcare systems.

Nicola Court has become a stalwart advocate for women’s health, striving to offer tailored care that nurtures both mental and physical well-being. Her efforts have profoundly transformed the lives of many, as evidenced by the heartfelt testimonials from those she has helped.

As she steps into the 24th year of her practice, Nicola is set to introduce a pioneering range of Chinese Medicine products tailored for women experiencing period pains, reaffirming her commitment to holistic health solutions.

Nicola Court shares her vision: “My hope is to be a stable force in the uncertainty and insecurities of life’s emotional rollercoaster. I strongly believe that couples are pushed down the IVF route often unnecessarily. They don’t have the correct tests or assessments done to find out what is really causing the issues. Let’s not forget that male factor can account for up to 30% of fertility issues. Often, if you can address the diet, lifestyle, stress levels, and potential underlying hormonal imbalances, then natural conception is possible!”

A client’s testimonial highlights Nicola’s impact: “You actually played a big part in changing my life to be fair. I think of you often when I consider excellent health care professionals. You were a role model for doing it right.”

As Path To Wellbeing embarks on its continued journey, Nicola Court extends an invitation to explore the benefits of holistic wellness and join her in advocating for compassionate and personalized healthcare.

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