Histar Water Park Equipment Co. Offers Top-quality Water Play Equipment for Family-focused Communities, Hotels and Resorts

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Amid rapid growth, industry leader Guangzhou Histar Water Park Equipment Co. is powering cherished moments between parents and children through the company’s high-tech, interactive and engaging water park facilities. Today, eight years after the founding of the company in 2016, more than 600 communities, hotels and resorts have contracted with Histar on more than 1,000 projects to create and install professional splash pad equipment.

A pioneer in one-stop splash pad solutions, Histar handles the full development and installation process–from research and development and design, to construction and operation. The company’s key product offerings include splash shacks, splash jungles, interactive water play pads, splash fountains, large aquatic equipment, pool slides and wave pools.

After an initial intake discussion, Histar’s design specialists collaborate on planning and designing the space, then work with the broader team to facilitate delivery and installation. Within 6-18 months, parents and children can begin enjoying the new water play equipment. Whether a commercial water park, hotel/resort, or larger theme park, the Histar team has experience working with a wide range of customers.

All Histar equipment is carefully crafted in the company’s state-of-the-art water park factory. At 37,000 square meters, the space combines expertise, engineering and excellence to create high-quality, safe, and fun water park equipment. Histar was the first water park equipment company in China to use 304 stainless steel and FRP as the main materials. The company’s dedicated design team takes the advantages and limitations of the space into consideration, offering creative solutions that are fun for parents and children.

“As the largest manufacturer of children’s water park equipment in China, we have proven expertise and a well-honed process for efficiently delivering best-in-class products,” said Histar design director Steven Yu. “We have scaled our team and operation to meet our continued growth and respond to customer requests, and we anticipate further growth in the months and years to come. Ultimately, we’re committed to helping children everywhere grow up happily.”

Though based in China, Histar contracts with customers across the U.S., Europe and Middle East. Prospective customers are encouraged to reach out via the company’s contact form to request a quote: https://histarwaterpark.com/contact/.

For more information about Histar Water Park, visit https://histarwaterpark.com/.

About Histar Water Park

Histar, based in Guangzhou, is China’s pioneering manufacturer specializing in parent-child water park projects. Offering one-stop solutions, we handle everything from R&D and design to construction and operation. We focus on children’s holistic needs for growth, learning, and play, creating interactive, safe, and educational spaces for families. Committed to innovation, Histar aims to globalize China’s amusement technology with high-tech, engaging facilities for families worldwide. To learn more about Histar Water Park, visit https://histarwaterpark.com/.


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