Zan Life Coaching’s 2024 Revival: A Fresh Take on Mental Health and Mastery of Life


Zan Life Coaching, established by Suzanne Jenkins in 2022, is thrilled to declare its 2024 revival with a stronger emphasis on mental health and mastering life’s intricacies. Suzanne Jenkins, who has dedicated 14 years to volunteering and working with mental health charities, introduces innovative coaching perspectives.

Suzanne’s extensive experience with mental health charities, dealing with conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and schizophrenia, inspired her to focus on the transformative power of mindset in overcoming life’s hurdles.

Initially, Suzanne facilitated three workshops, each containing six sessions, tailored for caregivers of individuals with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. These workshops, developed and led by Suzanne, aimed to highlight the vital role of caregivers and encourage their self-care.

The cornerstone of the relaunch is the “Life Mastery Accelerator,” a two-day event featuring Suzanne’s “Life Mastery Blueprint.” This blueprint comprises six pivotal steps — Psychology, Perception, Process, Perform, Proceed, and Provide — designed to steer individuals towards a holistic and empowered existence.

Suzanne’s compelling narrative will be featured in an upcoming publication by UK’s leading Sales Expert Nick Staab and his Sales Academy, alongside other industry luminaries. The book will celebrate stories of resilience and success in sales and business.

Suzanne’s coaching ethos is enriched by her personal journey. Initially thriving in finance and IT, a health crisis in 2008 due to Rheumatoid Arthritis profoundly impacted her mental and physical health, leading to a challenging phase marked by five suicide attempts. Her path to recovery involved a stay at the Priory and subsequent volunteer work with a government-supported group.

Now a seasoned life coach, Suzanne holds several qualifications, including Level 2 Counselling, accreditations from the American Boards of Neurolinguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, Breakthrough Training from Rebecca Lockwood Academy, and Hypnotherapy.

Suzanne’s coaching has already shown significant impact, with clients reporting a renewed sense of self after just three sessions using the B.A.C.E.S technique.

Suzanne shares her vision, saying: “My duty is to assist others who are having similar struggles or navigating challenges in life. My firm belief is that everyone deserves a happy life. Your circumstances do not define you. You can transform your life with the right help, if you seek it out.”

For more information, join the “Live Your Life on Your Terms” Facebook Group or contact Suzanne at


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