Vegan Vitality Mentoring: A Journey to Sustainable and Plant-Based Wellbeing


Vanda Bowles is at the forefront of a wellness revolution with her initiative, Vegan Vitality Mentoring, steering individuals towards a life of holistic health, plant-powered nutrition, and thoughtful lifestyle decisions. This pioneering service is guiding clients towards peak health and mental clarity.

Transitioning from a demanding role as an Executive Assistant within the financial services sector, Vanda embarked on a quest for holistic wellbeing following a decade of battling debilitating health issues, including severe bloating, skin conditions, and gastrointestinal problems. Recognising her plight was not the norm, she sought an escape from the corporate grind.

Motivated by her transformative journey and a zeal for wholesome living, Vanda established Vegan Vitality Mentoring to champion a shift away from traditional medical solutions towards a natural, plant-centric path to health. Offering bespoke coaching and educational resources, she enables clients to adopt a lifestyle free from plastics, toxins, and animal products, tackling health concerns at their core.

With qualifications from Udemy Business in areas such as Inflammation, Microbiome Gut Health, and Herbalism, and having invested over £17,000 in her professional and business growth, Vanda ensures her clients benefit from unparalleled expertise and care. Shunning supermarkets for her allotment-grown and organic produce, she lives the ethos of sustainable and conscious living.

The impact is evident — individuals plagued by chronic conditions have discovered rejuvenation and relief through Vegan Vitality Mentoring. By confronting the underlying causes of their health issues with a holistic regimen, clients witness remarkable improvements in their physical and mental wellbeing.

From digestive discomfort to restless nights and restricted social interactions, Vegan Vitality Mentoring provides a beacon of hope for those pursuing a natural, drug-free path to recovery. Through initial consultations and customised coaching plans, Vanda arms her clients with the essential skills and knowledge to revitalise their health and vigour.

Vegan Vitality Mentoring is built on a foundation of empowerment and transformative change, challenging conventional health ideologies and promoting holistic remedies. With a distinctive emphasis on purging chemicals and plastics from domestic settings, alongside a plant-based diet and enhancing gut health, Vegan Vitality Mentoring delivers a comprehensive and sustainable model for achieving optimal health.

For expert advice on nutrition and eco-conscious living, reach out to or send a direct message on Instagram @vegan_vitalitycoaching.


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