NBB Repurposed Furnishings Sponsors the ‘Plastic Splendor’ Garden, Advocating Sustainability at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2023


NBB Recycled Furniture, a renowned provider of eco-conscious furniture solutions, takes great pride in announcing its sponsorship of the ‘Plastic Splendor’ garden at the highly anticipated RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Festival, scheduled for the upcoming week.

This sponsorship aligns perfectly with NBB’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, serving as a testament to their dedication to fostering a circular economy.

The ‘Plastic Fantastic’ garden, an awe-inspiring creation by acclaimed landscaper Hana Leonard, stands as an innovative and captivating showcase, designed to raise awareness about the imperative need for plastic waste reduction and material recycling. This garden epitomises the magnificence and functionality that can be attained through sustainable design principles, providing visitors with profound inspiration to adopt environmentally conscious choices.

As a prominent sponsor, NBB Recycled Furniture’s exceptional collection of environmentally friendly outdoor furniture and fencing will occupy a prominent space within the garden. These meticulously crafted pieces, ingeniously repurposed from recycled plastic bottles, not only exemplify the company’s commitment to transforming materials but also underscore their relentless efforts in minimising the ecological footprint. NBB’s furniture effortlessly amalgamates style, comfort, and durability, embodying the very essence of sustainable living.

“We are absolutely thrilled to lend our support to the ‘Plastic Splendor’ garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Festival,” expressed Rhianon Gwyther of NBB Recycled Furniture. “This sponsorship perfectly aligns with our vision of a greener future and highlights the significance of recycling and reutilising materials. We firmly believe that sustainable choices can be aesthetically pleasing while remaining environmentally responsible, and we are genuinely excited to offer visitors at the show a glimpse of our remarkable products.”

The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Festival stands as an esteemed event, drawing horticulture enthusiasts, landscape professionals, and individuals deeply committed to environmental sustainability from across the globe. By sponsoring the ‘Plastic Splendor’ garden, NBB Repurposed Furnishings aims to inspire visitors to make well-informed decisions regarding sustainable living and furniture alternatives.

For more comprehensive details regarding NBB Repurposed Furnishings and their extensive array of eco-friendly offerings, kindly visit their website.


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