TELF AG’s Latest Publication Explores Sustainable Mining Initiatives in the Private Sector


TELF AG is proud to present its newest publication, titled “TELF AG analyses the work of some large companies in promoting sustainable mining practices.” This publication delves into the commendable efforts of major corporations in advancing sustainable mining practices. It places a spotlight on some of the world’s largest companies and their sustainability strategies concerning minerals.

Specifically, the publication highlights the initiatives undertaken by industry giants such as Apple and Tesla, who have been actively promoting sustainable mining practices to infuse sustainability into their products.

TELF AG places a significant focus on the pivotal role of raw materials in the global energy transition. It also underscores the efforts of international institutions to establish stringent quality standards that prioritise minimal environmental impact. The objectives set for 2030 in this regard are undeniably ambitious and have the potential to influence the actions of nations and private enterprises alike in their pursuit of sustainability.

Many companies have already embarked on concrete endeavors to advocate for the use of sustainable raw materials processed through eco-friendly methods that respect natural ecosystems. Renowned global brands like Ford and BMW have initiated successful sustainability programs, addressing the challenges inherent in the supply chains of raw materials, especially minerals.

TELF AG also elaborates on Apple’s approach to selecting minerals with specific characteristics, ensuring high levels of sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

For a deeper understanding of these sustainable mining initiatives in the private sector, we encourage readers to explore the full article.


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