Atlas VPN launches a new privacy feature to block third-party trackers and ads


Virtual network service provider Atlas VPN has launched a new feature called Tracker Blocker to give its users even more control over their online privacy. The latest feature aims to stop data brokers from using third-party trackers to gather insights about users’ online activities.

Many websites utilize third-party tracker scripts to collect data about visitors’ browsing habits. These insights can then be sold to other companies and used to bombard the visitors with ads and marketing offers.

While a VPN does a great job at safeguarding people’s online security and privacy by encrypting their internet traffic, by default, it does not protect internet users from trackers and ads. That is why we introduced the Tracker Blocker feature. With Tracker Blocker on, Atlas VPN users can see what type of applications are following their online activity and stop them from tracking it,” explains Atlas VPN’s COO.

By blocking third-party trackers and preventing ads and pop-ups from loading, Tracker Blocker also improves page load time and preserves device battery life and mobile data. It also protects Atlas VPN users from clicking on potentially malicious ads or websites that could install spyware, viruses, trojans, or other types of malware on their devices.

Currently, Tracker Blocker is available to Premium Atlas VPN iOS and Android users. This new feature release comes after Atlas VPN introduced Data Breach Monitor, a security feature designed to check if a users’ personal information has been leaked online.

About Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is a highly secure, free VPN provider with a mission to make safe and open internet accessible to everyone. Although Atlas VPN is relatively new to the VPN market, it already has over 4 million users worldwide. To protect the privacy of its users, the company uses military-grade encryption and protocols and has a strict no-logs policy.