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2023 Arnold Bikini Olympia
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In professional bodybuilding, there is no competition as Mr. Olympia 2023. With sculpted physiques, awe-inspiring strength, and artistic poses, legendary and finest bodybuilders from around the world gather to showcase their prowess on their biggest stage.

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Mr. and Miss Olympia official event details

Date: Thursday, November 2-5, 2023
Location: Orange County Convention Center
Venue Orlando
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The Mr. Olympia competition has a long and rich history. After its debut in 1965, it has shaped the careers of some of the world’s greatest bodybuilders, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, and Jay Cutler.

The 59th edition of the Mr. Olympia, 2023 Mr. Olympia will be an exceptional exhibition of human strength, discipline, and aesthetic skill, with 11 Olympia titles up for grabs. Moreover, 2023 is the third time in the last four years that Orlando will host the Olympia.

2023 Mr Olympia Prize money

The prize money at Mr. Olympia is the highest among the competitions. Normally, the winners and runners-up of the main classes receive the largest share of the purse.

Last year, the total purse for all 11 events combined was $1.6 million and was regarded as the highest total purse in the history of professional bodybuilding events.

This year, the prize money is expected to cross last year’s amount and will be distributed in the following form:

* Mr. Olympia: $400,000
* 212 Showdown: $50,000
* Ms. Olympia: $50,000
* Fitness Olympia: $50,000
* Figure Olympia: $50,000
* Bikini Olympia: $50,000
* Men’s Physique Showdown: $50,000
* Women’s Physique Showdown: $50,000

How to watch Bikini Olympia 2023 LIVE

2023 Mr. Olympia will take place from Thursday, November 2nd, 2023, to Sunday, November 5th, 2023.

Friday Evening, Nov. 3rd at 6:00PM Eastern Time
Pre-show at 5:30PM
The Official Olympia PPV brought to you by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – LIVE streaming coverage of all Olympia Finals Friday night from the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.
Pre-show begins at 5:30PM

• Olympia 212 Finals
• Fitness Olympia Finals
• Figure Olympia Finals
• Women’s Physique Olympia Finals
• Ms. Olympia Finals
• Wellness Olympia Finals
• Mr. Olympia Pre-Judging

2023 Mr. Olympia is a Pay-Per-View event, and fans can purchase through Mr. Olympia’s pay-per-view platform and enjoy the event’s live broadcast.

For fans living in the United States, the event’s cost will be $74.99, and after purchasing, you can stream on various digital services such as Chromecast, FireTV, Android TV, and Roku channels.

2023 Mr. Olympia 2023 Qualification System

To qualify for Mr. Olympia is a significant achievement and requires specific criteria.
Past champions are qualified for the same division for life. Also, the top five finishers of the Men’s open from the previous year are automatically eligible to compete in the next year.

The line-up for Mr. Olympia 2023 includes some of the well-known and respectable names in the bodybuilding world. Twenty-four bodybuilders qualified for the 2023 Mr. Olympia, but only 21 bodybuilders will step on the stage of the 2023 Mr. Olympia after three of those withdrew due to retirement and other reasons.

Athletes Not Competing

Three athletes who qualified for the 2023 Mr. Olympia have since withdrawn. Ian Valliere announced his retirement last month; two-time Mr. Olympia Mamdouh Elssbiay bowed out last month to focus on his physique and recovery. Brett Wilkin withdrew from the event due to health issues earlier this month, leaving 21 athletes to take the stage in Orlando.

Top Contenders

If Choopan or Curry don’t win the title, we’ll see the 18th Mr. Olympia this time. 212 Olympia Champion in 2021, Derek Lunsford was the runner-up to Choopan in 2022 and is looking to become the first athlete ever to win the competition in two different divisions.

2021 Arnold Class champion and 2022 Mr. Olympia bronze medalist Nick Walker hasn’t been shy about proclaiming himself the next champion. He consistently shares his progress throughout his preparation on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Walker recently participated at the 2023 Arnold Classic, finishing second to Samson Dauda. Traditionally, the Arnold Classic champions are considered a favorite for the Olympia. Dauda ranked sixth at the 2022 Olympia but has improved significantly since then.

Dark Horses

Other than the favorites, some have outside shots of winning the prestigious title but more likely have the potential to finish in the top 10, which is also a significant career stride.

Talking about such athletes, former Classic Physique competitor Regan Grimes is one of those. He is one of the smallest men in the lineup despite being huge in other metrics, but has an exceptionally great shape.

Another such athlete, Hassan Mostafa, ranked 13th in the 2021 Olympia. Since then, he has added size and improved his conditioning, and we could see him making it into the top 10.

Charles Griffin displayed his best version of physique at his 2023 Legion Sports Fest win earlier this month and has a chance to finish at respectable positions in Olympia. Also, don’t forget 2023 New York Pro champion Tonio Burton, as the former 212 competitors has added quality size to his body and is an absolute poser.

Olympia Debutants

This year, Ross Flanigan, Behrooz Tabani, Justin Shier, Roman Fritz, and Phil Clahar will make their Olympia debuts in Orlando. In the past, we have seen Olympia rookies failing to make the top 15. However, we have also seen debutants like Jacked making it to the top 10 in their debut.

2023 Mr. Olympia Categories/Divisions:

Open Bodybuilding:

The pinnacle of the event features athletes with exceptional muscularity, symmetry, and stage presence. In this category, competitors contend for the highest honor in bodybuilding, the title of Mr. Olympia.

Classic Physique:

It’s the celebration of the timeless aesthetics of bodybuilding where competitors present balanced and streamlined physiques, reminding the sport’s golden era.

Men’s 212:

In this category, athletes display maximum muscle definition and conditioning while adhering to the weight limit (212 pounds).

Men’s Physique:

This category is focused on lean and aesthetic physiques and highlights symmetry, muscularity, and presentation.

Women’s Bodybuilding:

This inspiring event showcases the strength and muscle development among female competitors, manifesting the core of empowerment.

Bikini Olympia 2023 Participants and Results

These categories bring athleticism, aesthetics, and overall conditioning, providing various body types and preferences. Here’s the Participant’s name and result will update after the event.

Participant Name Country
Jibin Park South Korea
Ivanna Escandar Spain
Amanda Marques Brazil
Phoebe Hagan United Kingdom
Maureen Blanquisco Norway
Jennifer Dorie Canada
Ashley Kaltwasser USA
Nittaya Kongthun Thailand
Alessia Facchin Italian
Lauralie Chapados Canada
Brenda Farias Brazilian
Aimee Leann Delgado USA
Eszter Ozcella Hungary
Hyo Jung Kim South Korea
Vania Auguste USA
Romina Basualdo USA
Savannah Watchman USA
Zsofia Reka Molnar Hungary
Elisa Pecini Brazilian
Sierra Swann USA
Reijuana Harley USA
Cristobalina Pajares Spain
Eli Fernandez Mexico
Jessica Wilson USA
Jordan Fisher USA
Jil Meret Schmitz Thailand
Areum Song South Korea
Lexus Redmond USA
Tatiana Lanovenko Russian
Dahye Jeon South Korea
Ariel Barley USA
Tara Grier USA
Savannah Dolezal USA
Gessica Brun Brazilian
Halanna Jully Brazilian
Ashlyn Little USA
Jordan Brannon USA
Ottavia Mazza Italian
Ariana Brothers USA
Maria Alexsandra Santos Rocha Brazilian
Yurika Shigemoto USA
Tamekia Carter USA
Lisa Reith Deutschland
Daraja Hill USA
Valerya Fedorenko Ukraine
Reyna Perez Mecalco Mexico
Jourdanne Lee USA
Iulia Baba Romanian
Ndeye Ndour USA
Kristina Brunauer Austria


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