British travellers are more ‘laid back’ when it comes to packing and planning than American vacationers


Despite their best laid plans, the research of 2,000 holidaymakers from the UK and US found Americans are more forgetful – as 64 per cent have misplaced something crucial.
And many American vacationers claim they ‘wouldn’t dream’ of packing the night before – 63 per cent admit to doing exactly that, compared to 57 per cent of British tourists.
The theme of British travellers being more laid back continues when they touch down, as it’s the Americans who are fitting in more activities and excursions – organising an average of five per jaunt.
US travellers are also more likely to book their activities before departing, rather than deciding how to fill the days upon arrival – getting their tours and trips locked in up to four weeks before arriving.
It also emerged that despite the UK being renowned for its infatuation with the weather, Americans are more likely to book a destination to ensure soaring temperatures.
Jon Owen, CEO of Go City [], which commissioned the research, said: “These results offer interesting insight into travel patterns.
“Despite UK tourists taking a more relaxed approach to their travels, both US and British travellers want to ensure they are maximising their time on their trips.
“At Go City we use rich data like this to ensure we’re providing great options for every type of traveller.”

Making the most out of excursions
The research also found that although Americans are more meticulous with their planning, they are more likely to describe themselves as ‘spontaneous’ when booking their next destination.
But maybe unsurprisingly, they are happier to explore their own country, while British sightseers are much more inclined to look further afield for their travel plans.
With this in mind, British holidaymakers are more vigilant about ensuring their passport is in date.
When finally reaching their holiday destination, they will explore their surroundings, while Americans will look to refuel with a bite to eat after their long journey.
They are also more likely to review local restaurant menus before arriving.
But American vacationists who travel in a couple are more likely to have an argument with their other half when prepping for their time away, with just 44 per cent of Brits saying the same.
Both nations believe their own country is the most organised when preparing for a getaway.
And overall, Americans spend an average of 14 hours planning their getaway, with British tourists racking up 11 and a half hours.
Jon Owen added: “Travellers are needing to become advance planners in order to get the access and experiences they expect on their city break.
“We may see the number of hours spent planning continue to rise as demand is so high.
“That’s why we try to give as much power to travellers as possible, ensuring they have all the options in one app, so they can easily make the most of their excursions.”

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