5 Reasons to Invest in a Tablet for Kids


There is still a stigma around mixing children with technology – but are these ideas of technology being taboo not outdated in the current age? Parenting is hard work at the best of times, despite all the many rewards it brings, so taking the pressure off now and then through modern methods should not be viewed as a failure. Tablets are a valuable source of education, entertainment, and nurture if managed correctly. That is why this guide provides five reasons why tablets are an asset to parenting, as opposed to something to be avoided.

What is a Tablet?

Tablets can be thought of as giant mobile phones, or touchscreens that use a wi-fi or data connection to run apps and other programs. They can be used in much the same way as a mobile, with some even being capable of running video calls. Given the focus of this post is all about the children, here are some examples of Lenovo Kids Small Tablets to give an idea of what’s currently on the market.

Why are They Great for Kids?

Tablets are great for kids for multiple reasons. All these benefits outweigh the risks which can be managed by a caregiver, and there is value in allowing children to explore tech in a safe arena with guidance. Let’s take a deeper look at the top five reasons.

Educative Apps

Number one has to be the tens of thousands of educational apps that are available on the app stores. Regardless of operating system, tablets have a library of varying games and learning tools to be explored. If there is a particular area that a child is struggling in at school, there will be an app to enhance learning. Reading, spelling, math, music, languages, and pre-school lessons are just some of the core subjects to be found.

Entertainment Value

Boredom buster activities are always welcome, and tablets provide just that. Alongside the educational apps, thousands upon thousands of games also exist. This, combined with the streaming capabilities, makes tablets the ultimate quiet time companion for a range of ages.

Teach Core IT Skills

Given that computing is an integral part of society, it is better that children learn how to navigate it from an early stage. So, factors like e-safety, navigating the internet, using technology and even coding can all be taught with a tablet.  

Communication Aid

This is especially relevant for older children, but still holds value for the younger age groups as well. Communicating between parents and children is not always organic and a lack of ability to converse leads to anger outbursts and general frustration on both sides. Tablets give a way of communicating that takes the pressure off face-to-face interactions.

Tablets are such a versatile and valuable investment for children of all ages. The educational aspects alone are enough reason to dive into the technology, and exploring what’s on offer is often a fun, collaborative experience for both parent and child. Technology is a special way to bring families together.


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