Owen Hodge explore the needs for a Family Lawyer

Family Lawyer

When it comes to family, you always expect them to have your back and in most situations, they will be there for you every single time. When it comes to an issue however involving you and they directly then things start to change and this individual isn’t the person that you recognise and you grew up with. When money comes into the whole family equation, then people change and especially when it comes to your family members. The same applies when you get married to the love of your life and you have children with them only for the relationship to go wrong further down the line.

This person that you once deemed to be a very reasonable person will go in the opposite direction and not only will they be looking for a divorce but they will be looking to stop you seeing your children. This is the reality of life and is one of the reasons that family lawyers in Sydney are in such high demand. This is just one instance when you would need the services of a family lawyer and the following are some others.

  1. In the incidence of child support – When couples break up, they have a responsibility to take care of their children and especially so for the main breadwinner of the family. Just because the marriage didn’t work, it doesn’t give you a free hand to go off and start living your new life. You have responsibilities and so many people walk away from these and so their ex-partner has to engage with a family lawyer to get the child support that is due to them.
  2. In full custody cases – As was touched on briefly before, when people go through a divorce they become completely different people and they can become quite irrational. They feel that they have been slighted and so they take of the frustrations on you directly trying to deny you access to your own children. This is a particularly important time to reach out to the lawyer who represents your family because you need to fight to get the right to spend time with your kids.
  3. In the event of a divorce – Divorce changes people and not for the best and you should know that a great deal of marriages end and sometimes through no fault of either party. It seems only fair that each person should get their fair share of the financials when it comes to the property that they bought together and maybe the business that they built together as well. Engaging with a family lawyer will ensure that you get your fair share and it will be their job to fight your corner and get you what you need.

Family lawyers are available in many other situations and they are not just restricted to these three examples. It’s better to have someone on your side when fighting against the odds and especially so when it’s in the local family courts.


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