The Evolution of The Food Allergy Immunotherapy Centre to the “Allergy Centre of Excellence”


Marking a significant stride in allergy healthcare, The Food Allergy Immunotherapy Centre is excited to unveil its new name: the “Allergy Centre of Excellence”. This change reaffirms our commitment to being at the forefront of food allergy management and treatment. 

Reinforced Commitment to Clinical Excellence and Patient-Focused Care 

The Allergy Centre of Excellence, which builds on the legacy of The Food Allergy Immunotherapy Centre, has reinforced its dedication to clinical excellence and patient-focused care. This commitment is evidenced by its extensive expansion in services and adherence to rigorous safety and treatment standards. Founded by the distinguished Professors Gideon Lack, Adam Fox, and George Du Toit, the centre remains a leader in paediatric allergy care, notably through innovative treatments like PALFORZIA, an FDA-approved therapy that represents a significant evolution in treating peanut allergies from a strategy of avoidance to one of active management. 

This name change symbolises our broader goal to provide comprehensive allergy care that meets high safety standards and addresses the intricate needs of individuals and families confronting serious allergies. 

Transforming Allergy Treatment with PALFORZIA 

The 2020 licensing of PALFORZIA (peanut oral immunotherapy), a pioneering treatment in the US and Europe, has been a driver for the roll out of further OIT treatments. This therapy heralds a shift from simply avoiding allergens to actively defending against them, a critical advancement in allergy care now more accessible through our association with Great Ormond Street Hospital and its cutting-edge allergen administration facilities. 

Broadening Services to Tackle Growing Needs 

In response to the increasing prevalence of severe food allergies, the Allergy Centre of Excellence has expanded its range of desensitisation treatments to include PALFORZIA, almond, cashew, hazelnut, wheat, milk, sesame, and walnut. Though these treatments are not a cure for food allergy, they have shown to be effective in significantly improving children’s quality of life.  

A Process Founded on Integrity and Empathy 

Our desensitisation process is comprehensive and centred around the patient. We prioritise shared decision-making, ensuring that families are well-informed about their treatment choices. Our treatment protocols are meticulously planned to ensure they are safe and effective, providing a clear treatment journey from the initial assessment to the maintenance stage and beyond.  

Future Outlook: Pioneering Innovation and Enhanced Care 

As the Allergy Centre of Excellence, we are enthusiastic about driving future innovations in allergy treatment. Our core values of empathy, clinical excellence, integrity, respect, and teamwork guide us in our pursuit to advance the field of allergy care, with a focus on improving patient outcomes and setting new standards in healthcare.


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