The Impact of Mewing on Facial Structure


Mewing is a DIY facial restructuring technique involving tongue placement.

It draws its name from British orthodontist Dr Mike Mew. Orthodontists and medical professionals recommend it to define the jaw. It is also effective for correcting speech impediments and alleviating jaw-related pain. 

Following the tutorial recommended at Mewing consistently will yield results. But if stopped completely, results may be temporary. Understanding the concept of mewing can lead to clarity. This guide provides essential information about mewing exercises.

The Mewing Exercise Explained 

According to Dr Mew while mewing has several benefits, it requires time:

“Mewing is part of the orthotropic premise. The basis of the practice is facial growth. They believe that it is achieved through oral posture. This involves tongue, nose breathing, and jaw exercises. This is why some doctors like Dr Mew do not extract teeth or use braces to fix teeth misalignment in children. Instead, they use removable devices to expand the palate of young children.”

Orthotropic dentistry aims to straighten teeth. It also guides facial development in young children, preventing future problems. This approach ensures permanent results.

Mewing Results  For Teenagers

Dr Mew reveals that teenagers are still growing. They are hence likely to experience the significant impact of facility development. Teenagers can have substantial changes despite being less malleable than younger ones.

Also, teenagers may find it easier to adapt to mewing practices. This is due to their short exposure to poor tongue posture. They will see physical results in as little as a few months.

So, are mewing results permanent for teenagers? The answer is yes and no. 

Starting mewing young can impact face development, as bones move slower as you age. But your results may shrink if you stop mewing and return to unhealthy habits. You may lose the new jawline definition and return to a receding chin over time, even if you’re young.

Mewing Results For Adults

Mewing can change facial appearance in adulthood, but it’s hard work and long-term. Your facial skeleton is not fixed, even as a grown-up. This allows for growth and improvement in adulthood. 

Face bones are held together by joints known as sutures. But sutures are not fused; some don’t link until you’re 70. This means you can build new bones. You can also easily change your facial appearance and structure, even in adulthood.

According to Dr. Mew, consistency in your mewing exercises for at least a year will yield results. Mewing is a lifelong practice for stronger and more attractive facial structures. It also helps with clearing sinuses, better sleep, and reduced snoring. Starting early will ensure that you can achieve all these benefits.

So, are mewing results permanent for adults? Mewing results may be slower in adulthood due to slower bone changes, but this may also be a blessing. As adults, it’s harder to lose results, making mewing results more permanent. This means that while it may take longer to see results, it’s also more difficult to lose them. Mewing is hence more effective for adults.

Following the tutorial recommended at consistently will yield results.


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