Edinburgh Scholar Unveils Groundbreaking New Testament Greek Study Programme


Daniel Mikkelsen, currently pursuing his doctorate at the University of Edinburgh, has launched an innovative educational initiative designed to revolutionize the way the New Testament is studied in its original Greek language. With a personal narrative marked by overcoming dyslexia and an impressive academic background, Mikkelsen introduces a unique teaching method aimed at connecting students directly with the New Testament scriptures.

Having dedicated nearly a decade to mastering New Testament Greek, Daniel has transitioned from grappling with Greek grammar basics to developing a comprehensive tutoring programme. This programme is specifically crafted to enable Christians from various backgrounds to access the New Testament’s depths through one-on-one tuition.

Mikkelsen’s academic journey has seen him progress from self-study to achieving a Master of Philosophy degree at the University of Cambridge, culminating in his current doctoral research in New Testament studies at the University of Edinburgh.

His tutoring service, NT Greek Tutoring, adopts a holistic three-tier approach that covers grammar and morphology, implements a customised vocabulary system, and ensures students meaningfully interact with the text from the beginning – a significant challenge in learning an ancient language.

Mikkelsen’s ambition is to simplify the complexities of the New Testament in its original Greek, thus empowering students to experience the scripture’s original context beyond the limitations of translations.

In his words: “I believe that if I can achieve proficiency in New Testament Greek despite dyslexic difficulties, anyone can. My mission is to equip individuals with the tools they need to deepen their understanding of God’s word and enrich their spiritual journey.”

Daniel Mikkelsen’s contributions to New Testament scholarship include guest lecturing at the University of Copenhagen, presenting at the Durham Postgraduate Conference in 2022, tutoring at the University of Edinburgh, and publishing in the esteemed journal Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift.

Mikkelsen’s approach to Greek tutoring is distinguished by his extensive expertise in New Testament scholarship and his commitment to personalised teaching, setting his services apart in the field.

To begin your journey into New Testament Greek, visit https://www.ntgreektutoring.co.uk/


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