Diversify Financial Assets with Flavors BSC Cryptocurrency


Those looking to enter the cryptocurrency market for the first time or those who are looking to spread their wings into new markets within the crypto space are often face with the challenge of where do I start. This is leading investors in droves to Flavors BSC a DeFi project which specializes in vetting and rewarding holders in projects which meet safety checks and provide reasonable utility or value.


The Flavors BSC project is community driven. The core team met in the DeFi community and decided that they were not happy with the state of projects launching on the Binance Chain. They realized that the teams with the large marketing budgets were the teams which had the most success in drawing holders but were not necessarily sound choices for those looking for growth. Smaller more technically sound projects were often dead-on arrival due to the lack of marketing and hype.


Flavors BSC sought to solve this by creating a project which could through marketing capitalize off the “hype” culture but also provide a service to holders that was truly beneficial through its rewarding system. Flavors BSC rewards in two defi projects at any given time. These projects are vetted for the safety of the contract and according to the utility they provide.


What also makes this project unique is it’s focus on community and education. Weekly events are hosted by the core team and community members including the Yacht Club with Crypto Kyle, a talk show style event on Twitter’s spaces with dedicated panelists and special guest which fuses education, music, and humor for an all-around good time.


Flavors BSC’s focus on diversification and solid fundamentals amongst the crypto projects it chooses to reward its holders has helped it whether the storm this winter through th prolonged crypto dip. Flavors holders’ portfolios of crypto assets are performing better than the market as a whole and lightening the experience of what some have labeled as a “crypto-winter”.


What really makes this project unique though is its ability to partner with other crypto-projects and fulfill a large part of their marketing and exposure needs. Flavors BSC will charge for these services and use the funds to further bolster their project, and this is a unique utility rarely seen in other crypto projects which has a win-win effect for both Flavors BSC and the projects they market.


The Flavors team comprises individuals from various background from ranging from government and economics to technology and marketing.


Jarrod Guenther the CEO of Flavors Limited Company, a technology company, started the Flavors BSC project with his friend and economist John Byrnes. Leaning upon the relationships they have built within the crypto community they quickly enlisted the help of talented developers and marketing experts from their circle to create Flavors BSC as a community driven and run project.


While Jarrod is looking forward to actively grow the Flavors BSC community, he has already been embraced by celebrities and socialites under his twitter handle @RealCptBooty as he is affectionately and humorously is called. Jarrod states that he plans for Flavors to become a true Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and is taking the steps to move the project in this direction with the help and resources of the community.


Flavors aims to diversify holders’ portfolios at no additional cost while minimalizing risk by rewarding and featuring projects that have proven themselves and would provide legitimate value.


On Flavors’ roadmap is a mix of both marketing and development. Marketing is primarily driven by exposure to new crypto token communities and through community building events and traditional means. This will lend to a long future of increasing the ease of access to cryptocurrencies.


So why not grab a taste of what it means to get more from DeFi? Scoop up access to a flavorful variety of vetted projects by accessing: https://flavorsbsc.com/.