Business Owner/Artist Establishes Art Prize for Living Artists

Oakland, CA – September 29, 2021

Initiated by East Bay business person John Sheridan the Sheridan Prize for Art is being created to be an annual online opportunity for living Bay Area visual artists to showcase their work,

Open to artists from the nine counties of the Bay Area the Sheridan Prize will be jurored by ten local artists. An artist can submit up to six works with Primary prizes awarded in twelve categories and five Honorable Mentions per category. This equals a total of 72 cash awards.

“One of the unique qualities of the Sheridan Prize for Art is the fact that an artist’s reputation, history, sales or resume, has no bearing on the outcome.”, says the East Bay resident and business owner. “I think much of the best art of the Bay Area goes unacknowledged, unknown, and is virtually a secret.” Passionate about the Arts he wishes to promote and celebrate groups of artists who have traditionally been disenfranchised from many competitions.

The long history of suppression cultures such as the Native American cultures, the African American, Hispanic American, LGBTQ+, Women artists and Incarcerated Artists has been and is still going on. The Sheridan Prize for Art is working to actively include these groups of creative people, and hopes to create an example for other prizes and competitions to include.

John states, “It is my intent to begin to treat living artists as the great human resource that we are, and by acknowledging, honoring and celebrating the art of the Bay Area, us to own our rightful place in the culture of our time.”

The Sheridan Prize is dedicated to acknowledging, celebrating and showcasing the work of living artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. The 12 category winners will also receive an essay written by longtime Bay Area art critic Harry Roche. This call is open through October 24, 2021 at Awards will be announced November 1.