Can we Combat Climate Change By Using the Power of Our Wallets?


Climate change is one of the critical issues facing the world today. But many people are left wondering what actions they can take, and what more they can do. Although change at the level of the individual might appear insignificant, it takes as little as 3.5% of a population to act together to create a cultural shift.

Research has shown that cultural change can occur when relatively small groups of people come together. By coming together and using consumer power – as part of a Consumer-Led Movement – people can influence businesses and government policy, and rapidly shape a better future.

Instead of massive, overnight changes – incremental change is the key. By applying principles from psychology and problem-solving techniques, this highly-practical book shows readers how to embark on a motivational journey of implementing climate change solutions through their spending on consumer products, household goods, air and ground travel, food, energy use at home, recycling, and how to continuously improve one’s actions. The best companies to buy from are also detailed.

Spend Green and Save The World: Tackling Climate Change Through The Consumer-Led Movement is a new book looking at just that. People can combat climate change by using the power of their wallets when it comes to their spending on clothes, food, utilities, transport, and more. 

About the Author. Liz Christou has been solving complex problems for one of the world’s leading brands since 2014. Liz used her experience in problem-solving – namely principles from Lean Thinking and Agile – to decrease her carbon footprint to 3 tonnes per year, from the UK average of around 8 tonnes, within five years, whilst having a positive effect on her wellbeing. Now, she has translated the journey into the motivational techniques and practical suggestions in this book, so that others can do the same.

Media: Review copies available on request. Author Liz Christou is available for interviews.