Your favorite beach cocktail says a lot about your personality, survey says


By Vanessa Mangru // SWNS
If you enjoy a minty mojito (72%) or tart margarita (63%) on the beach, you also most likely have the best sex life, according to new research.
A survey of 2,000 adults who drink alcohol looked at what their favorite beach cocktail said about them, finding that the most-loved drinks were beer (17%), margaritas (16%) and wine (16%).
Results showed that those who prefer a mojito also have the most success when it comes to dating (88%) and are happiest with their lives (85%).
But they’re not the only ones having fun – bloody mary drinkers are the most adventurous (80%) and are likeliest to say “yes” to everything (73%).

And although those who like an ice cold beer are the most extroverted of the bunch (33%) – with margarita-enjoyers being their introverted counterparts (50%) – respondents who prefer sangria are the most likely to have at least five friends.
Daiquiris are written in the stars for Libra respondents (48%), while Aries love a good margarita (23%) and Cancers opt for a fruity sangria (20%).
Wine drinkers perhaps have the most diverse music taste, preferring hip hop (37%) and jazz (30%) while those who like beer jam out to rock (41%) and pop music (34%).
Interestingly, respondents who like a fruity sex on the beach are also the most likely to suggest watching a horror movie (41%), compared to sangria drinkers who live for intense drama flicks (41%).
Conducted by OnePoll for CheapCaribbean, the survey found that no matter the drink, three in four respondents said they’re at their most relaxed when enjoying a drink at the beach (76%), with a quarter sharing the perfect time for a drink is after going for a plunge.
Those who favor a bloody mary are the most likely to catch some waves (38%) while respondents who go for a tropical sex on the beach prefer to go for a hike (32%), and daiquri drinkers enjoy scouring the beach for seashells (64%).
“Whether one prefers a getaway to St. Martin, Aruba, Cancun, or Punta Cana, there’s an abundance of beautiful, tropical destinations to visit and find their happy place,” stated Dana Studebaker, vice president of marketing of consumer brands at Apple Leisure Group.
Seven in 10 respondents said the summertime makes them feel more alive than any other season (71%), and a similar percentage wish they could enjoy the feeling of being at the beach all year round (70%).
This may be why 40% are not ready for summer to end, and why two-thirds of Americans are thinking of visiting somewhere tropical/beachlike when the weather where they live is poor (67%).
Where are they off to? When it comes to tropical beaches, respondents would be most interested in visiting Eagle Beach, Aruba (36%) or Montego Bay, Jamaica (24%).

Beer – 17%
Margarita – 16%
Wine – 16%
Daiquiri – 11%
Bloody mary – 9%


Pineapple – 43%
Strawberry – 41%
Coconut – 35%
Watermelon – 31%
Lemon/lime – 26%

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