Travelling worries cause many new parents to avoid going on trips with their little ones


A poll of 1,000 mums and dads of children aged six months to five years revealed 26 per cent find any outing which involves their child being out of normal routine makes them nervous.
Getting them to nap at their usual time (44 per cent), adjusting to any change in temperature (35 per cent) and getting them to sleep in their own cot or bed (36 per cent) – instead of jumping in with mum or dad – are among the challenges parents face.
While 35 per cent struggle with being away from their usual amenities – limited by things like hotel kettles and a lack of preparation facilities for mealtimes.
Celebrity mum Millie Mackintosh, who has partnered with Aptamil Follow On Milk Tabs to launch its Hack the Holidays campaign, said: “I know travelling with babies can be hard – my Aurellia loves her routine so any break from that, whether a different environment, nap or feed time, can be unsettling.

Too much to juggle
“Holidays and days out can be such a precious time with little ones so anything that can help save time and help you relax in the process is priceless.”
The study also found 29 per cent of those planning to travel with their young child are dreading the first flight or long car journey with them.
When it comes to flights, the top worries included their youngster being noisy and disturbing other passengers (60 per cent), while 31 per cent are apprehensive when it comes to the thought of juggling all their luggage and their child.
Others are concerned about long passport control queues (48 per cent) and getting bags checked at security (22 per cent) with their child.
Millie Mackintosh with daughters Sienna and Aurelia
Making life that little bit easier
The research, conducted via OnePoll, also found parents will spend the equivalent of seven hours – a working day – preparing their little one for family trips away.
But, despite the stress, 41 per cent said a summertime excursion is the thing they are most looking forward to with their child.
And 51 per cent think summer holidays, whether home or away, are some of the most precious family moments.
Julia Lowbridge, spokesperson for Aptamil Follow On Milk Tabs, said: “With three young children of my own, I know first-hand that getting ready for a summer trip is a big deal.
“With many different situations to plan for, anything that makes life that little bit easier is very welcome.”

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