Average American eats about 60 burgers per year


By SWNS Staff
Burgers are the go-to menu choice for one in five Americans, according to new research.
In a poll of 2,000 self-identified hamburger enthusiasts, 58% admitted to frequently ordering burgers when dining out. 
In fact, the average respondent eats about five burgers per month, with boomers eating the least at about three to four.
This means the average respondent eats about 60 burgers per year.
Respondents also seemed to care more about the quality of the patty (33%) than what type of meat or plant-based ingredients it’s made from (26%).

While beef patties appealed to the largest number of respondents (52%), alternative options like chicken (45%) and even veggie (35%) weren’t far behind.
Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of White Castle, the poll revealed that when it comes to branching out with their burger order, respondents were more likely to stick to a traditional burger over something new or innovative (33% vs 16%).
When asked what would encourage them to deviate from their go-to, one respondent said, “something that is completely different from any burger I have ever eaten.”
Respondents tended to prefer ordering a burger exactly off the menu than customizing their own, 42% vs 23%.
And as it turns out, a new burger on a restaurant menu is the most popular way to find something different to try, according to 40% of respondents.
“The burger today is a source of physical and emotional nourishment for so many,” said Lisa Ingram, president and CEO of White Castle. “It’s gratifying to see the continued devotion to the classic burger, as well as the growing appetite for an ever evolving landscape of specialty burgers. Further proof that when you meld beef, onion, pickle and bun as your starting point, you never know where it might lead.”
Almost two-thirds (63%) of respondents are likely to try a burger that evokes nostalgia.
So it’s no surprise that one-third said the perfect burger reminds them of good times with family and friends.
To that same tune, it also evokes memories of bonding with family and friends (28%) and simpler times (25%.)
Regardless, 80% of respondents enjoy eating meals with family and friends.
The majority (35%) said the perfect burger means they can enjoy it in their favorite setting — whether that be at a restaurant or Grandma’s house.
Respondents would reportedly travel an average of 34 miles for the perfect burger, but about one-third (31%) would travel more than 40 miles to satisfy their craving.
The average millennial seemed willing to travel the furthest (37 miles on average), while baby boomers were most likely to stay close to home (23 miles).
“Burgers have long been a staple of American cookouts, summer holidays and family gatherings,” said Ingram. “People seek nostalgia in sharing a burger with friends, taking them back to childhood get-togethers filled with memories of connection, satisfaction and delicious bites.”

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