Let’s Crunch the Numbers: Cost of Becoming a Realtor in TX


Statistics from the past two years show that Texas’s population has gone up tremendously. A lot of this is due to the large number of people migrating from other states. This has led to an increase in the number of home purchases.

Our research also shows that the number of available homes rose in 2024, making it easier for people who want to purchase a new property. This is good news for any realtor working within Texas. But it can motivate anyone planning to work as a real estate agent in the Lone Star State.

If you are planning to get your realtor’s license in TX, there are a few questions you might want answered. At the top of the agenda is the cost estimation for obtaining a real estate salesperson license in TX. Let’s crunch the numbers.

Education and Exam Prep Expenses

Your first step towards becoming a realtor in TX is completing the pre-licensing program. The 180-hour program covers everything you must know about the Texas real estate industry. The program covers various topics from laws and regulations to fair housing and contract negotiations.

The pre-licensing program is typically split into six 30-hour sections. The cost of the pre-licensing course depends on which school you choose. Most online programs are cheaper than attending in-person classes at a physical campus.

The cheapest pre-licensing course at RealEstateU will cost you less than $300. However, some schools expect you to fork over upwards of $350 for the program.

How Much Does the Exam Cost?

Following the completion of the coursework, you will need to sit for the TREC test. Exam registration and scheduling are done online via the PearsonVUE website. During this process, you must pay the $42 exam fee.

You have four hours to attempt all the 125 exam questions. The pass mark is 70%, meaning that you must get at least 88 questions correct. However, if you are unlucky, don’t fret. You can repay the registration fee and retake the exam when you’re ready.

Getting Your License

You can apply for your realtor’s license in TX through mail or online. Online applications are faster and cheaper since you don’t need to pay for mail delivery. Some people recommend applying for the license before sitting for the exam to avoid last-minute rushes.

The license application will set you back $185. This, you must remember, is minus the fingerprint collection fee, which varies depending on the fingerprinting center you visit. Review and approval of your application takes five business days.

The license is valid for two years, before which you are expected to apply for a renewal. 

Other Extra Expenses 

Education and learning don’t end after getting that license. There are classes you must attend during the two years when your license is still valid. The purpose of this is to ensure that you remain a professional of good standing.

In total, you must finish 18 hours of post-licensing coursework. Expect to spend around $300-500 in tuition fees. Also, consider attending webinars and seminars to build your professional network.

Overall, becoming a realtor in the Lone Star State can set you $1,000 or more. But it is money well spent, and if everything goes well, it might be the best investment of your life. 


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