4inlanyards reveal how to transform your marketing with branded lanyards


Are you exhausted by repetitive digital marketing strategies? 

While online marketing is essential, another tool can’t be ignored: branded lanyards. 

These adaptable items promote your brand in a variety of settings. Many companies use them effectively by hiring a trusted design company like 4inlanyards as their consistent resource for using lanyards in multiple marketing strategies.

Discover three ways to revolutionize your marketing efforts with this straightforward and potent tool.

Boost Brand Visibility

Branded lanyards act as a mobile advertising board for your brand. 

Wearing them at events or within the office perpetually reminds people of your brand, ensuring that they’ll remember it long after the event is over. 

For greater brand visibility, invest in high-quality branded lanyards with a clear logo and appropriate color scheme. Adding a catchy tagline or slogan can further enhance the lanyard’s memorability.

Create a Sense of Unity

Branded lanyards foster a feeling of togetherness among employees. 

Uniform lanyards send the message that everyone is on the same team, which is particularly useful for larger teams or multi-departmental organizations. 

Beyond establishing unity, branded lanyards can also boost morale by encouraging employees to be more engaged and productive when they feel part of something significant.

Use Branded Lanyards as Employee Gifts

These lanyards are an excellent gift option for employees, as they serve a practical purpose and promote your brand within the organization. 

Consider gifting them to new hires in their welcome package or to all employees during holidays. 

You could even set up a fun competition or reward system where employees can earn different branded lanyards for achieving specific goals or milestones. 

By gifting branded lanyards, you demonstrate appreciation for the team while embedding and reinforcing your brand values and messaging on a daily basis.

To summarize, branded lanyards are a flexible and potent tool for promoting your brand. Whether you aim to enhance visibility, establish unity within your team, or distribute swag at events, branded lanyards are an excellent option. It’s essential to select a high-quality design that accurately represents your brand, and then observe as your marketing efforts become more impactful.


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