Invaluable Partnerships by Hedgehog Security Redefine Client Service Standards


Premier cybersecurity firm, Hedgehog Security, has announced two strategic alliances that will revolutionise the level of service provided to its clients.

Hedgehog Security, a leading Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), has joined forces with renowned cyber defense companies, Wazuh and Fortinet.

This collaboration marks a significant advancement in the comprehensive cybersecurity solutions delivered by Hedgehog Security to its valued clientele, ensuring effective protection against evolving cyber threats.

Globally recognised for its managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and round-the-clock Security Operations Centre (SOC) services, Hedgehog Security is committed to offering affordable cybersecurity solutions to companies operating in the legal, financial services, and maritime sectors.

Peter Bassill, CEO of Hedgehog Security, emphasised that partnering with these well-established and trusted cybersecurity experts guarantees the highest level of service to their clients. By combining the specialised strengths of each company under one seamless service, Hedgehog Security is able to provide unparalleled cybersecurity solutions.

Wazuh contributes its cutting-edge SIEM and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) service to Hedgehog Security’s SOC. This empowers Hedgehog Security to proactively monitor and identify attack correlations across multiple clients, bolstering network defense capabilities.

Through the collaboration with Fortinet, Hedgehog Security gains access to their flexible and scalable offerings, enabling the delivery of managed firewalls tailored for smaller SOC-as-a-Service clients. This expanded capability enhances the comprehensive protection Hedgehog Security offers, ensuring secure networks and safeguarding against malicious activities.

“Our partnership with Wazuh and Fortinet represents a major milestone for Hedgehog Security,” stated Peter Bassill.

“When clients turn to us for their cybersecurity needs, we can now provide them with a complete package. Surprisingly, many businesses seeking our assistance lack proper firewall setups. With these collaborations, we can offer comprehensive services that address all their cybersecurity requirements under one trusted team and a unified approach.

“By leveraging Wazuh’s cutting-edge SIEM and XDR service, together with Fortinet’s industry-leading firewall solutions, we are better equipped to proactively defend our clients’ businesses against cyber threats. This enables them to focus on their core operations with peace of mind,” he added.

Hedgehog Security serves a diverse range of businesses, including law firms, financial institutions, and organisations dealing with highly sensitive data. Additionally, high-profile executives conducting business on luxury yachts rely on Hedgehog Security’s satellite communication expertise to ensure the utmost protection of confidential information during sea voyages.

Through this collaboration, Hedgehog Security aims to revolutionise the approach to cybersecurity for companies across industries. By merging their expertise and harnessing the advanced technologies provided by Wazuh and Fortinet, Hedgehog Security will continue to deliver unrivaled cybersecurity services, enabling businesses to remain resilient against ever-evolving cyber threats.

For further information about Hedgehog Security and their comprehensive range of cybersecurity services, please visit their official website at


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