Corsearch Launches Groundbreaking AI-Powered Brand & Product Naming Solution on TrademarkNow Platform


Corsearch, an industry-leading provider of trademark and brand protection solutions, is once again expanding the scope of its offerings with the launch of Name Generator, the new tool on the TrademarkNow platform. Name Generator is designed to revolutionize how businesses create and clear names and taglines for trademark use.

Acquired by Corsearch in 2020, TrademarkNow offers solutions for screening, clearance for trademarks and logos, clearance portfolio analysis, backed by TrademarkNow’s award-winning AI. Paired with Corsearch’s expertise and global trademark data, the platform is accessible, intuitive, and easy to use, allowing users to simply navigate through the different search types and see their results displayed in a clear, coherent manner.

Powered by the TrademarkNow AI and state-of-the-art ChatGPT technology, Name Generator promises to streamline the naming and clearance process, making it faster, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Designed for ease of use, Name Generator enables trademark attorneys, in-house legal teams, and marketing and branding professionals to get real-time feedback on their ideas to ensure both innovation and compliance. Instant suggestions fueled by ChatGPT will keep the ideas flowing, each of which will have instant trademark searches checked against global databases. The ability to use creative inputs and prompts to create brand names ensures relevant results for the brand or product.

Corsearch’s human-trained AI and decades of industry knowledge equips users with the right tools, which, when combined with Corsearch’s exceptional customer service, enables its clients to establish, monitor, and protect their brands with confidence. Corsearch’s trademark databases comprised of close to two hundred jurisdictions is the go-to source for global trademark data for many law firms, companies, and IP Management providers.

Viji Krishnan, President, Trademark Solutions at Corsearch, said:

“Over 5,000 customers worldwide rely on Corsearch’s industry-leading and innovative tools to help get their products to market faster, reducing risk and getting more done, in less time, with better accuracy. Applying our expertise to innovate in this traditionally labour-intensive space is our passion.”

“The area of trademarks is increasingly saturated and name availability has become a huge challenge for many customers who have expressed their frustration of running expensive naming projects only to come up against availability issues again and again. We’ve created a seamless experience that allows our customers to focus on what really matters – their brand’s core value offering.”

This latest development from the Corsearch team cements their position as industry-leading innovators in the trademark realm and adds immense value to the existing TrademarkNow platform, which has become the gold standard for the application of AI to trademark clearance.


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