Top-rated meat exporter expands products to include grains, seeds, and pulses


Food Export International is excited to announce the availability of grains, seeds, and pulses for ordering. As a top, trusted exporter of premium meats, the exporter expands its selection to include grains, seeds, corn, and soy. They feature incredible pricing and a straightforward process for ordering.

Food Export International got its start in 2017. It was founded by Ray Goldberg and focused on frozen meat. The exporter earned a reputation for sourcing specialty, hard-to-get items—as well as their ability to build connections with years of networking experience. Adding grains, seeds, and pulses allows them to serve more clients worldwide.

Where an exporter ships from is critical, to ensure the quality and safety of the product. They had this to say about their shipping location, “We choose to export from Australia because of its stringent quality regulations and a global reputation for a clean, green growing environment. In some situations, we also export from trusted producers in South America. Wherever possible, we visit our producers to make sure they maintain the high standards we expect. and ship worldwide—Food Export International ships to the United States, Japan, China, Korea, and more.”

Australian yellow corn and soybean exports are ideal for wholesalers and restaurant providers. With excellent pricing and fast response times, Food Export International can exceed expectations allowing clients to meet their requirements while staying on budget. Produce quality is of massive importance for the exporter. Their yellow corn and soybeans are A-grade fresh products sourced from Australian farmers. They also have fresh/frozen produce available to ship. Food Export International commented on the quality of meat sourced and shipped, “All our frozen meat products come from animals that are treated well, farmed under clean, green conditions, and slaughtered in inspected and approved abattoirs or slaughterhouses. They are all halal, and CNCA certified. Products are packaged according to your specifications, and a private label (for minimum quantities) is available.”

It doesn’t have to be difficult to get the bulk yellow corn or soybeans shipped. The process starts by visiting Food Export International online and checking out their product options. While they have a wide range of meats available like chicken, beef, pork, and seafood, they also can export wheat, seeds, and pulses.

 When contacting the company about ordering, customers will need to provide information, including what products are required, the quality, and the location to be shipped. From here, the company will respond to the inquiry with shipment information, pricing, etc. The exporter has a wide network of individuals and companies they work with to make the acquisition and shipping process almost effortless.

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