Vivaldi Translate powered by Lingvanex offers new ways to translate texts


Today, the most popular online translation services, such as Google Translate, are from companies that collect data. Yet, most people using these services have no idea their translated texts are being harvested in this way. To provide a better alternative, Vivaldi Technologies teamed up with Lingvanex to provide the built-in Vivaldi Translate, designed to translate webpages and snippets of texts quickly.

Now, Vivaldi Translate powered by Lingvanex is more powerful and faster than ever and offers new ways to translate texts, with a new Translate Panel in the sidebar of the desktop browser. This unique, built-in Panel transforms web translation. Whenever you translate selected text by typing or pasting it into the Translate Panel or translate selected text via the translate icon, context menu, or even a shortcut, you will see both the selected text and its translation in the Panel. A history of all recent translations can also be accessed via the Panel.

Want to save time and clicks? Enable the auto-translate functionality in the Translate Panel. Then, any text selected on a web page will be translated in the Panel instantly.

Along with the greater convenience Vivaldi Translate offers, users can rest assured that it will not collect translated content, unlike the bigger players.

To use this new Translate Panel, download Vivaldi 5.0 for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux at

Breaking language barriers, not your privacy

Forged earlier this year, the partnership between Vivaldi and Lingvanex respects user privacy, unlike some translation extensions or built-in solutions such as Google Translate. Both companies not only seek to bring people a useful service but also to encourage them to protect their privacy online.

By building a privacy-friendly translation tool that is second to none, both partners aim to bridge language barriers safely and securely, while, most importantly, allowing people to be less dependent on the tools offered by Big Tech.

With a long history of choosing people over profit, Vivaldi does not track or profile its users. Period.

Similarly, Lingvanex has helped millions of people break the language barrier without compromising security and privacy, and offers high-quality, secure machine translation for text, voice, documents, and websites for companies and individuals in the form of Cloud API, local server, or applications.

“We`re thrilled and proud of what we`ve accomplished together with Lingavanex over the last 6 months. We believe that the Internet can do better, and we`ll continue to do even more to help you communicate safely no matter where you are from or what language you speak,” says Vivaldi CEO, Jon von Tetzchner.