Aardwolf Security Takes a Modern Approach to Cyber Security


Aardwolf Security is one of the leading pen testing companies in the United Kingdom that takes a modern approach to cyber security. They offer pen testing services conducted by professional teams so everyone can rest assured they will receive services tailored according to the requirements of their businesses.

This company offers a wide variety of pen testing companies London services, such as Social Engineering, Code Reviews, Cloud (PAAS) Reviews, Build Reviews, Firewall Assessments, Web App Assessments, and Network Assessments. They also offer Vulnerability Assessments that utilise several automated testing tools, including web and network security scanners. All of these services come with systematic reports based on the severity so their clients can easily identify low-hanging fruit security issues at very affordable rates.

In addition, Aardwolf Security also offer Red Team Assessment, which is a pen testing service that can only be effectively carried out by the top companies with professional and highly experienced teams. Businesses that acquire such a service will get an assessment from every angle from a hacker’s perspective. In other words, businesses will find even the smallest of vulnerabilities in their systems, which makes it easier to lay out potential solutions.

Those who will acquire their services will receive a bespoke service, which includes aftercare for any future concerns they may have about their cyber security needs. What’s more, they also offer free quotations for their penetration testing companies services to help everyone assess their budget and needs. Most importantly, all of their clients can guarantee that this company strictly follows the highest industry standards.

Aardwolf Security understands the importance of smooth online operations, so they make sure to provide businesses with a safe and efficient platform for that. According to them: “In today’s business world, almost every aspect of any organisation requires technology. This covers every area of the business too, regardless of whether it’s a customer-facing process or an internal system. And because security always takes top priority, Aardwolf Security, one of the most trusted pen testing companies in the industry, is here to offer timely solutions to some of the most critical security issues businesses have to deal with”.