Changing the World One Founder at a Time – New Series Shines Spotlight on 25 of the UK’s Most Innovative Entrepreneurs and Their Ground-breaking Businesses That Are Revolutionising the Way We Live


An entrepreneur who invented 3D printed personalised gummy vitamins tailored to people’s nutritional needs, lifestyles and goals is just one of the highlights of a new documentary featuring weird and wonderful ideas that will change the world.

The four-part series, “Founders Changing the World” has launched on  It showcases the trials and tribulations of setting up such innovative businesses and gives viewers the inside story on what makes these remarkable people tick.

Melissa Snover, founder of Nourished, is convinced her vitamin stacks can transform the nutrition industry by catering to the growing demand for personalised nutrition solutions which are high quality, convenient and not harmful to the planet. Meanwhile, Tess Cosad, founder of Béa Fertility, is determined her at-home, clinical-standard fertility treatment will revolutionise the way women access fertility care. Taking a stance, Danny Gray, founder of War Paint for Men, wants to mainstream men’s make-up and overhaul the stigma attached to make-up for men.

All 25 founders featured in the documentary series are members of The Founding Network, a community of leading entrepreneurs who come together to scale their businesses. The show explores the mindsets, ambitions, realities and successes of these business leaders across four sectors, including healthcare, on-demand, entertainment  and transportation.

James Sutcliffe, Founder and CEO of The Founding Network, who hosts the show, said: ”This series has come about by having personal conversations with many founders in our community and seeing first-hand the unsung heroes of innovation that are out there. We wanted to support entrepreneurs who are transforming the world by giving them a platform so they can reach their full potential, share their ambitions and realities to a global audience, as well as inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

The series brings the founders’ stories to life through facility tours, in-depth interviews and industry experts’ opinions and views. The episodes uncover insights into exciting new technologies and reveal what motivates the founders through interviews  with their friends, families, investors and colleagues.

Founders include:


  • Melissa Snover, Nourish3d – A world first personalised nutrition product that uses 3D printing technology and a vegan encapsulation formula to create bespoke vitamin stacks.
  • Danny Gray, War Paint For Men – British male makeup brand aiming to expand the men’s makeup industry and become the go-to brand for men globally.
  • Tess Cosad, David O’Rourke & George Thomas, Béa Fertility – The world’s first clinical-standard fertility treatment that can be carried out at home to enable affordable fertility care.
  • Richard Vincent, FundamentalVR – Delivers VR haptic ‘flight simulators’ for surgery creating a safe, measurable & repeatable space to refine skills.


  • Siddhi Mittal & Heinin Zhang YHANGRY – The world’s first private chef platform, making entertaining at home easy and affordable. Create your own menu and instantly book from just £17pp.
  • Greg Gormley, SKOOT – live navigation app that plants a tree everytime you drive, featuring carpooling to reduce & help offset carbon emissions
  • Tom de Wilton & Dr. Kyle Grant, Oxwash – A simple, sustainable, on-demand laundry service for businesses and consumers



  • Phill Davies, Magway – Magway is a revolutionary zero-emission high-capacity delivery system that transports goods sustainably and efficiently while significantly improving road safety, congestion and pollution. The London-based engineering firm uses its proprietary linear motor and control technology to propel carts via magnetic waves through a network of one metre diameter pipes to assist governments and organisations in reaching their net zero targets.
  • Dave Hughes, Novosound – Novosound’s unique, patented ultrasound sensors improve safety and efficiency across a range of key industries including energy, power generation and aviation.
  • Mark Stokes & Thomas Clayson, Magdrive – Magdrive is developing the next generation of spacecraft propulsion to revolutionise space travel with a propulsion system that will enable entirely new missions and business models in the space industry.
  • Charles Tavner, Flylogix – Flylogix is pioneering new sustainable ways for companies to use aviation by engineering super smart systems and tough small craft that can fly beyond the horizon.


  • Caroline Rowland, Egoli Media – An AI-enabled video annotation technology enabling real-time personalised delivery of video content across sports, film and TV.
  • Jamie Mitchell, Low6 – App that gamifies your team. It provides sports teams, leagues, franchises, influencers and media outlets with their own fan engaging sports games, which drive revenue through peer to peer betting, and subscriptions.
  • Gary Bracey, Terra Virtua – From art to sports, music to movies, games to comics, Terra Virtua is on a mission to turbo-charge fandom with the world’s first fully immersive platform for buying, sharing, trading, exhibiting, and interacting with digital collectibles.
  • Amman Ahmed, MusicForPets – Revolutionising the pet-care industry by producing relaxing music and TV that is used by more than 42 million cats and dogs.

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Image: James Sutcliffe Founder and CEO of The Founding Network hosts the new Founders Changing The World documentary series