Nigeria born Award winning publisher and author Chinyere Nwakanma, speaks about her new book


Award winning publisher and author Chinyere Nwakanma speaks about her new book -Oliver the Miner and the beautiful Princess Sally by Chinyere Nwakanma

Award-winning author and publisher  Chinyere  Nwakanma reminds her fans, that her long-awaited new book Oliver the Miner and the beautiful Princess Sally has been released and can now be purchased, as she pays tribute to the tireless hard-working warehouse workers across the country. According to the 2021 winner of the U. K Innovation and Excellence Award in publishing, children love and are fascinated by the tales of the beautiful princesses. The fairy tale of the beautiful Princess Sally, will make a good read for the children,as we continue to celebrate and share in the good works of the real-life Princesses around the world. We encourage little boys and girls to know that they can emulate the good works of the princesses, who are helping others and are keeping the world smiling ,when they grow up. She also used the opportunity to thank Fenice Media UK,for giving her the new innovation and excellence award. She told grapevine that after the many awards she received in the year  2020, some women working with Haringey social services ,began to spread false rumours, that she is now a mentally ill woman and made life unbearable for her. She shares her new book to debunk the rumours and use the opportunity to tell anyone being fed the lie, that she is fine and working on her books, despite the troubles the women have been giving to her.

According to her, the Miner represents everyone working hard in warehouses ,to create new products for all of us, as we appreciate their products and hard work.

Copies of her new book are available from

Buyers of the book can also contact us on  +447442797673

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