Ride On: Great Ways To Improve Your Harley Davidson’s Performance

Harley Davidson

You may be familiar with Harley-Davidson’s own 4-stage motorcycle upgrading process. The bike manufacturer offers these upgrade stages to help riders achieve their performance, aesthetic, and sound goals. However, using these branded kits isn’t the only way to enhance your riding experience and elevate your Harley.

Read on to explore a handful of great ways to improve your Harley’s performance using a few key tools and parts. Some of these changes can give riders more power over the upgrading process, while others are quick adjustments you can make today for immediate results.

Turn to a Tuner

A Harley tuner can play a crucial role in your efforts to improve your ride’s performance. A high-quality tuner makes both garage and roadside changes quick and efficient. However, riders must understand how to use professional-grade tuners before they start trying to use them on the road.

Once you’re confident about employing your tuner, you can use it to quickly adjust the minutiae of how your Harley functions. A tuner can tackle many changes that you can’t achieve by making physical adjustments. For example, a tuner can help you adjust the air/fuel ratio to better align your Harley’s performance with any engine modifications you make.

Focus on Fuel Efficiency

While a tuner can help you improve fuel efficiency and performance, it’s not the only thing you can do to ensure your Harley reaches your destinations with ease. One of the best ways to improve your Harley’s performance is also one of the easiest: try inflating the tires. Riding with the correct tire pressure can do wonders for your ride’s fuel efficiency.

Additionally, you’ll want to limit the extra weight you add to your ride. While some modifications, such as a stronger engine, will allow you to haul more, operating with a lower weight overall allows your fuel to take you farther.

Make Modifications

Finally, the fastest way to make drastic changes to your ride’s performance is by incorporating modifications. From new cams to a more balanced exhaust system, the list of changes you can make is endless. You can even add a new engine to greatly improve an older Harley’s performance and bring it up to speed with modern bikes. Fortunately, even with extensive modifications, you’ll never lose that authentic Harley experience. Each change only serves to adapt your ride to your needs and the demands of the roads you travel.

Now that you have some ideas on how to improve your Harley, you need somewhere to ride it. Consider taking our vehicle on test rides across some of the most scenic UK roads.

Remember to test for the feel, sound, and overall efficiency of your ride. Improving performance means more than adding speed and hauling power—you must also ensure your Harley is still safe to ride and easy to control. After all, the overall goal is to enjoy your Harley for years and explore new places on your iconic ride!


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