Humans consume nearly 50lbs of plastic in their lifetime


The entrepreneur and actress-turned-presenter seemed set to enjoy a paper bag full of fast food, only to quickly realise everything inside was made of plastic.
While Richard Branson seemed lost for words, Drew Barrymore quickly drew attention to the fact that a human can inadvertently eat more than 50lbs of plastic over their lifetime.
The clip comes after research of 2,000 adults found 41 per cent think people care less about the plastic crisis than they used to, as the cost-of-living, war in Ukraine and the pandemic push it down the list of concerns.
Drew Barrymore, who is a sustainability advocate for eco-friendly home brand Grove Collaborative, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s been eye-opening to learn how much plastic we consume.
“The plastic crisis isn’t going anywhere and while some people feel powerless, there are many great things happening in the world to tackle the plastic crisis, especially as more and more brands are stepping up to face the challenge.
“So much can be achieved if we work together and I’m so happy to play a part in supporting Grove’s ambition to become plastic free.

Plastic crisis
The study also found one in four adults feel they are making no difference when they see the effects of the plastic crisis, with a quarter believing we have already done too much damage to the planet.
Since the pandemic, the plastic crisis is only getting worse, with a reported 26,000 tonnes of plastic Covid waste polluting the ocean, putting further pressure on an already out-of-control global issue.
More than a quarter (28 per cent) feel powerless to the plastic crisis with 26 per cent feeling fearful, and 36 per cent believing the plastic crisis is getting worse.
But 49 per cent don’t know what else they can do to aid the plastic crisis, while 39 per cent think brands need to do more to help stop the plastic crisis. 
In fact, 75 per cent expect brands to be leading the way by using sustainable or less plastic in their products.
Brits’ biggest concern is the impact on ocean and sea life (62 per cent), with landfill (34 per cent) and its effects on the human body, such as finding plastic in our blood, also a worry (29 per cent).
Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, said: “I sat down with Drew Barrymore to talk about how frightening it is that people will consume, on average, 44lb (20kg) of plastic over the course of their lives.
“Microplastics are everywhere – in the ocean, in our food and as a result, in our bodies.
“We’re proud to invest in companies that are having a positive impact on the planet, from renewable energy to companies tackling the world’s plastic problem such as Grove Collaborative.
“Grove is leading the way in showing how brands can diversify and innovate to help consumers with their plastic consumption.”

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