Americans would replace a typical lunch meal with their favorite spread


By Livy Beaner // SWNS
More than six in 10 Americans are not ashamed of eating dip with a spoon straight from the container, according to a new poll. 
The survey of 2,000 adults found that 63% have no qualms about eating their favorite spread from the packaging source, so it’s no surprise that a similar percentage of people believe the act should be considered socially acceptable (62%). 
People love dip so much that 35% of those surveyed said they would replace a typical lunch meal with their favorite spread. 
According to the survey, adults do this five times per month on average.
Aside from devouring it on their own time, 38% of respondents believe dip is the top thing every party needs to have available.
A variety of dips beat out drinks (37%), different foods (33%), good music (28%) desserts (24%) and games (17%) as the top party must-haves. 

At events, many said these spreads should always be present: salsa (32%), guacamole (32%), spinach and artichoke (29%), queso (28%), Buffalo chicken (27%) and hummus (25%).
And when it comes to “proper etiquette” at social gatherings, respondents had some opinions about what hosts and guests should do. Nearly half said people should serve themselves a spoonful of dip on their plate instead of double-dipping (46%). 
Many respondents also think a selection of food and drinks (45%), bringing a homemade dish (35%) or a store-bought dish (33%), arriving on time (32%) and bringing a bottle of wine (30%) all constitute proper party etiquette.
The research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Cedar’s Foods further delved into how people generally view dips, with many saying their favorite sides to eat them with are tortilla chips (40%), vegetables (36%), potato chips (38%) and pita bread (32%). 
Although a quarter considers dip solely an appetizer (24%), others see it as a snack (22%) or a side (18%). Most notably, six in 10 admitted they’ve accidentally gotten full from eating appetizers before the main course (61%). 
And summer appears to be the season of dips, with 38% of respondents indicating that’s when they indulge in spreads the most.
Forty-eight percent have even confessed they’ve eaten a whole container of dip in one sitting, but, on average, it takes them just three sittings to finish it entirely. 
Millennials were more likely to eat an entire container of dip than any other generation polled at 52%, compared to 45% of Gen Xers and 41% of baby boomers. 
“While it’s clear that people enjoy dips all year round, summer is definitely the season of dips. There is no better option for summer soirees and entertaining than smooth, creamy and refreshing dips like hommus or tzatziki,” said Aimee Tsakirellis Executive Vice President of Marketing at Cedar’s Foods.
So what makes the “perfect dip”? Nearly a third of respondents say smooth and creamy is the way to go (30%), while 23% prefer crunchy and chunky. However, 29% said having a mix of both can also lead to perfection. 
The generations were also mixed when asked about dip texture. Boomers and Gen Xers agreed that smooth and creamy makes the perfect spread (40% and 32%), but 30% of Gen Zers prefer crunchy and chunky. 
Additionally, the survey examined the personality splits associated with dip flavors, revealing that 60% of those who prefer sweet dips are likelier to identify as adventurous than those who like smoky flavors (45%).  
Meanwhile, smoky dip lovers tend to be outgoing in life (40%), and savory dip enthusiasts see themselves as curious (44%) and shy (31%).
“As the makers of a wide variety of Mediterranean dips, we’ve always viewed dips as more than just a snack, but foods that are made to gather around with family as a meal,” said Tsakirellis. “We love finding out that many people view dips not only as a meal but also as a staple for gatherings and get-togethers with family and friends.” 

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