These are 30 things that would make Brits fall in love at first sight with a property


Starry-eyed Brits fall in ‘love at first sight’ with a house more easily than a partner, according to research.
Nearly half (49 per cent) of the 2,000 homeowners polled admitted they do believe it’s possible to find love within seconds – but only when it comes to property.
While 43 per cent reckon it can happen with a potential partner, six per cent less than those who have fallen head over heels for an abode.
The size of the rooms, big windows and built-in bookshelves are among the top things that get people lovestruck.
A fifth are instantly sold if a property has a south facing garden and 16 per cent are won over by walk-in wardrobes.
It also emerged 61 per cent claimed they are more likely to say ‘I do’ to a new home than an expensive wedding.
And a quarter get more excitement from viewing properties than going on holiday.
Alistair Singer, from My Home Move Conveyancing, which commissioned the survey, said: “Love at first sight is definitely real, according to our report – but only when it comes to properties.
“The search for the dream home can be daunting but when you know, you know, and there are many things prospective sellers can do to help make buyers fall in love right away.
“A home is so much more than just a building; it’s a place where people can start a family and make memories, so it’s no surprise that the right property can give Brits butterflies, sometimes even more than a potential partner.”
Love at first sight
The study also found 53 per cent of respondents reckon they fell in love with their current home as soon as they laid eyes on it.
When they’d found ‘the one’, they waited just four days before making an offer on the property to make it theirs.
But, according to the OnePoll study, it often came after kissing multiple frogs, as on average people who fell in love at first sight with their home had viewed five other options before finding the perfect fit.
And for 46 per cent of disappointed viewers, their romance was doomed to fail – as they weren’t able to complete on a home they immediately fell for.
While six in 10 have attempted to punch above their weight and fallen hard for a property that was miles out of their price range.
Alistair added: “It’s tough when things don’t pan out, be it in love or in real estate.
“There are ways to avoid disappointment, at least when it comes to securing your dream home.
“Our advice if you ‘know’ immediately about a property is to move quickly.
“The next viewer may be even more enamoured and make an offer before you get the chance – so it’s important to take the leap to get your happily ever after.”
In response to the findings, My Home Move Conveyancing is challenging Brits to find out whether they love their partner or their home the most – and have a chance of winning £500.

30 things that make Brits fall in love at first sight with a property
1.            Size of the rooms
2.            The view from inside
3.            A south facing garden
4.            The size of the windows
5.            The fireplace
6.            The driveway
7.            The flowers in the garden
8.            Storage solutions/built-in storage
9.            Established shrubs in the garden
10.          If there is a walk-in wardrobe
11.          Established trees lining the street
12.          Ceiling height
13.          Size of the bathtub
14.          Built-in bookshelves
15.          A corner plot
16.          Animals in the garden e.g. squirrels
17.          The fencing
18.          The colour and style of the front door
19.          Waterfall shower
20.          Wooden beams
21.          Period features
22.          Flagstone floor titles
23.          Front gate
24.          Wine cellar
25.          How close the local pub is
26.          Seeing elderly neighbours pottering in their garden
27.          The street name
28.          A garden bench out front
29.          Exposed brick walls
30.          Bird boxes in the garden

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