These are the top 20 lifestyle goals Brits want to achieve in the next 12 months


Millions of Brits will struggle to achieve their lifestyle goals this summer because of a lack of energy, being too busy – and spending too much time procrastinating.
A study of 2,000 adults found just 17 per cent are completely confident they will meet the targets they have set themselves, which include eating a healthier diet and feeling good in their clothes.
Other aspirations among the top 20 goals include being able to touch their toes, reading more books, completing a 10k and meeting new people.
But a third admitted life gets in the way, with 18 per cent already convinced they won’t be successful.
Procrastination prohibits people meeting these goals with nearly half (49 per cent) struggling to achieve them as a result, with watching TV (34 per cent), scrolling social media (29 per cent) and snacking (23 per cent) the top pitfalls.
In fact, the study, commissioned by California Almonds, found the average Brit wastes 10 hours a month procrastinating, limiting their ability to achieve their goals, which a quarter blame on low energy.
This leaves 31 per cent feeling guilty.
But despite 55 per cent finding low energy levels a significant barrier to success, just 45 per cent choose foods to fuel body and mind.
And 44 per cent are unaware including slow-release energy foods such as nuts, like almonds, could be the secret to unlocking summer success.
Eating the right brain foods
Other obstacles to meeting goals include mindless snacking (28 per cent), busy schedules (31 per cent) and finding it hard to juggle having a healthy diet with socialising (29 per cent).
TV personality and fitness fanatic, Mark Wright, said: “There is nothing worse than having a list of things to do and then an energy slump means you get completely derailed.
“Eating foods, like almonds, which contain protein, fibre and healthy fats to deliver a slow-release of energy has been a game changer for me, leaving me ready to smash my goals throughout the day.
“At the end of the day, we all procrastinate, especially if it’s a difficult task. I do it all the time with working out but, as soon as it’s done, I feel amazing for it.
“The reason I work out is all about how it makes me feel so I love setting myself training goals to tick off each week and in order to do this I have to fuel myself properly.”

Mark Wright’s tips for a procrastination-free summer
Make Ahead Meals: “It’s so easy to grab a ready meal or takeaway when you can’t be bothered or don’t have time to cook. Prepping healthy meals means you always have something to hand even when you’re rushing out.”
Snack [W]right: “Mindless snacking is a common procrastination technique, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Choosing snacks which can provide slow-release energy could stop you in your procrastination tracks. If you’re often tempted by unhealthier snack options when hunger hits, make sure you have healthy snacks to hand. I always have almonds on-the-go to provide feel good fuel.”
One Step at a Time: “I get wanting to progress quickly but taking on too much can be overwhelming and cause procrastination. Instead, take small, manageable steps towards your goal, such as adding more vegetables to meals or easing yourself into the gym once or twice a week. These small changes will have a big impact and get you raring to build up to bigger steps at your own pace – if you’re prone to overthinking or worried you’ll fail, just taking that first small step can start you on the path to success.”
The Crucial Countdown: “We’re all guilty of a sneaky scroll on social when we should be doing something else. Whenever I’m avoiding starting something I give myself three seconds – once I’ve counted to three in my head, I just get up and do it. And I usually feel much better for it.”
Top 20 lifestyle goals Brits want to achieve in the next 12 months

Feeling good in your clothes
Eating a healthier diet
Getting eight hours of sleep most nights
Reaching a goal weight for holiday/special occasion
Spending more time in the outdoors
Going on more walks
Decluttering your home
Read more books
Stretching down to your toes
Completing a 10k run
Completing a 5k run
Achieving a handstand
Meditating/practicing mindfulness regularly
Meet new people
Going on a hike
Lifting a specific amount of weight in the gym
Pay off your debts
Eat less meat and fish
Set more time aside to switch off
Cut back on alcohol consumption

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