Half of Americans believe cryptocurrency is here to stay


By Joseph Staples // SWNS
Half of Americans believe cryptocurrency is here to stay.
Research polling 2,000 adults found 53% think crypto is here to stay, with 68% of 25 to 34-year-olds believing that sentiment to be especially true. 
Many respondents noted they’re familiar with terms like blockchain (43%), coin (42%), binance (40%) and token (39%).
Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of StarkNet – a platform designed to make crypto apps mainstream, the study also revealed that when people buy crypto, they are constantly fiddling with it. 
Half amend their investments at least once a day, while just 7% let a month pass without altering their crypto finances.
“It’s remarkable to see that people expect a system that was hardly known a decade ago to be the future of finance,” said Uri Kolodny, CEO of StarkWare, which built StarkNet. “These figures clearly show that crypto use is about to skyrocket. But what people don’t realize is that the system just isn’t ready. The bandwidth of blockchain is tiny. Even now, it’s creaking under the weight of growing demand.”
Thirty-four percent say they now recognize and know what NFTs or non-fungible tokens are. 
Meanwhile, 42% of people said they would invest in them if they knew more about NFTs.
Respondents said they would be swayed to invest in cryptocurrency if they would provide security guarantees (42%), reasonable pricing (40%) and sustainability (38%).
Despite the enthusiasm for crypto, 36% say it’s too hard to digest.
The top reasons for not wanting to invest in crypto were fear of losing money (35%), not understanding it (31%) and not knowing where to start (25%).

“We hear the public saying loud and clear that it all needs to be less confusing. People don’t understand why there aren’t many user-friendly crypto apps for everyday use,” said StarkWare’s president Professor Eli Ben-Sasson. 
“Thanks to new technology, we’ll soon be paying in crypto. We’ll be doing so with a clearer conscience as our innovation helps to address the problem of crypto’s environmental impact, massively cutting the carbon per transaction.”


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