The best things about going on holiday with your mum include spending some quality time together, having a good gossip – and mother dearest picking up the tab


Other upsides of going away with mum include them being prepared for any situation and being able to see her properly relax.
A poll of 2,000 adults in contact with their mother figure found Cornwall, London and Edinburgh were deemed the top spots to treat her to a trip away.
These beat glitzy overseas destinations like Ibiza, Las Vegas or Dubai.
The research was commissioned by, which also revealed searches for trips around Mother’s Day weekend are up 23 per cent on 2019 – the last pre-pandemic year.
The accommodation giant also claims Brits are ready to treat their mums like VIPs, with searches for both 5 and 4-star locations increasing since 2019 by 40 per cent and 55 per cent respectively on their site.
Amenities such as ‘spa facilities’ (60 per cent increase) and ‘bathtub in room’ (76 per cent increase) have also seen a spike in searches this year.
Other top benefits of going away with mum include the novelty of seeing them get tipsy and that she’ll make the beds in the morning.
TV personality and presenter Vogue Williams, who has worked with to offer tips on getting away with mum this year, said: “Being able to run away with my mum as an adult is something I really value, particularly now I’m a mother myself.
“I know how precious these memories are to me and my family, so it was no surprise to me that found that 61 per cent of those taking ‘Mummi-breaks’ say that going on holiday with their mum has given them a special bond.
“A hotel stay means all the mundane squabbles over things like dishes can be parked and we both get to put our feet up.”
To help those planning a Mother’s Day surprise, is running a competition to give one winner the chance to treat their mother figure to 10 free nights (worth a huge £3,000).
This comes complete with an upgrade to its Rewards VIP Gold status, so she can enjoy bonus member benefits, such as upgrades and spa access, all year round.
Entrants need to simply share their funniest travel stories with their mum at [] brand spokeswoman Emma Tagg said: “It’s great to see the red carpet being rolled out for mums this year, but why treat her for the day when you can treat her for the year?
“Two thirds of Brits agree that some of their all-time favourite memories are being on holiday with their mum, but we know everyone’s perfect trip away with mum is different, so we’re here to help you find your dream destination – from Berlin to Benidorm, or even Blackpool.
“Share your story now, so you can whisk mum away to make even more memories.”

1.            Spending quality time together
2.            Being able to treat your mum, as she deserves it
3.            Getting to see her fully relax
4.            You don’t usually get to spend long with your mum
5.            You know what each other likes
6.            You have a similar taste in holidays
7.            You can have a gossip
8.            Being spoilt by your mum
9.            Having meals / drinks paid for
10.          She thinks of everything you may need and is fully equipped for every situation
11.          She stays calm when things don’t quite go to plan
12.          She books the whole holiday
13.          She has a great taste in hotels
14.          She prefers to get a taxi than public transport
15.          Having your mum organise your e.g., look after your passport, organise the itinerary
16.          The novelty of seeing them get tipsy
17.          She’ll be honest about your outfits
18.          She makes the beds in the hotel room
19.          She’s the only one who will join you on the dancefloor
20.          She has a great sense of direction so we won’t get lost


1.            Plan your packing together
Vogue Williams – “Chances are, you’ll only wear half of what you have brought, so try to be real when you’re choosing your looks – if you’re anything like us, you can raid each other’s cases for essentials as well, so discuss what you’re taking ahead of time to avoid doubling up.”

2.            Agree your must-haves
Sandra Wilson – “If you are going to have some differences of opinions around how you spend your time, then having a list of must-haves for when you book is essential. For instance, Vogue loves to plan her meals in advance and have an early lunch, but I prefer to leave it a little later.”

3.            Compromise is key
Vogue – “My mum is someone who will queue to get on while I prefer to sit back and wait and breeze through at the end – but meeting in the middle where possible is definitely best.”

4.            Savvy shopping
Sandra – “Keep an eye out for unique or quirky purchases that you’d not find at home – the little things you buy when you’re away together, will keep the memories alive when you get back home – and for many years to come, too.”

5.            Beach vs City Break
Vogue – “Plan your trips around your favourite activities – it’s no good booking a beach holiday in a remote location if you’re both shopaholics; so perhaps consider a city break instead.”

6.            Don’t burn the candle at both ends
Sandra – “Neither of us are night owls, so we ensure we’re able to pack lots into our days by making sure we both get a good night’s sleep.”

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