It’s taken 27 years, but Faithless have finally figured out how to get some sleep – by remixing their iconic hit Insomnia to help listeners drop off


The influential dance act worked with sleep expert James Wilson to engineer the ultimate song to help people get forty winks.
Contrary to its original name, the new track is designed to lull listeners into a deep, restorative sleep, and has been informed by sleep science and new research into the state of the nation’s sleep habits.
Coming in at a mammoth 27 minutes, the track mirrors the average time it takes adults to fall asleep and incorporates elements of sleep science and key insights from sleep expert, James.
Insomnia: Blissful Sleep Remix features a reduced tempo of 100 beats per minute, which aligns with the normal resting heart rate for sleep in adults, meaning it is optimal for inducing sleep.
The inspiration to create the remix followed research commissioned by wellness brand, OTO, which found 82 per cent of adults have suffered from insomnia in the past.
Nearly half (55 per cent) of the 2,000 adults polled believe they are a bad sleeper, with 43 per cent of those claiming they find it hard to switch off.
Faithless musician, Sister Bliss, said: “It’s hard to believe we produced Insomnia 27 years ago in a garden shed.
“Being in there all day and then DJ-ing at night was like having permanent jet lag, so I came up with the title ‘Insomnia’, because I literally couldn’t sleep.
“Once released, the track became an anthem for a generation of late night clubbers who, as the lyric goes, were also getting ‘no sleep’.
“With that legacy in mind, the opportunity to collaborate with OTO on the creation of a Sleep Remix was one I couldn’t turn down.
“I can’t wait to get the track out there and help a nation of bad sleepers finally get the rest they’re craving.”

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The survey also found 34 per cent of adults attribute their sleepless nights to stress, while 26 per cent claim it is because of nerves and 20 per cent blame too much screen time.
In fact, due to restless sleep, 39 per cent experience low mood and 36 per cent feel more emotional.
But as part of a pre-sleep routine to get a better night’s sleep, 24 per cent have turned to CBD oil.
Sleep expert James Wilson said: “When creating the right conditions for sleep, it’s important to feel emotionally and physically secure, as a feeling of safety will allow the nervous system to relax.
“Music can help calm the mind by creating a state of relaxation.
“It’s also something many people have a strong emotional connection to, so if there is a level of familiarity in the music to an earlier period in your life, this adds to that feeling of safety that can help us fall asleep.
“The existing research into sleep and sound clearly shows that music stimulates chemicals in the brain that improve our propensity for a good night’s sleep and help us to relax.
“Couple this with sleep aids like OTO’s Sleep Drops, and you’ve a winning pre-sleep formula to ensure your night’s slumber is as restful as possible.”
“Sister Bliss has done an incredible job of incorporating sleep science into the new remix of Insomnia – from dropping the tempo to the match the resting heartrate BPM to the incorporation of AMSR-style spoken word Insomnia: Blissful Sleep Remix has all the ingredients to guide you towards a blissful night’s sleep.”
Gemma Caolo, OTO’s founder, said: “Working with an artist that would resonate with a generation of adults experiencing huge changes to their sleep routine was integral to this project, and we’re absolutely honoured to have been on this journey with Faithless.
“Insomnia is such an iconic track so it’s fantastic to be able to bring new meaning to the music in this day and age when getting better sleep is so important for people’s wellbeing.
“Our mission from the very beginning was to help people find their calm and discover the power of CBD – this track, alongside our blissful sleep drops, will no doubt do that.”
Those looking to drop off more easily into the gentle night can catch Insomnia: Blissful Sleep Remix on SoundCloud now [].

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