5 Tips To Creating An Exceptional User Experience For Your Website


As the world is filled with over 1.7 billion websites, the eCommerce industry is probably one of the most competitive marketplaces the world has ever seen.

In the midst of all the great business wars, there are a number of things that eCommerce websites can do to stand out and beat the competition.

Now as a budding eCommerce business, what do you do that appeals to the audience and keeps you in their minds?

Well, the simple answer is USER EXPERIENCE.

User experience is one of the most important aspects of a website. 

In a world filled with quantitative competition, quality is what makes you different and great businessmen have realised this.

Thus, not only does elegant UX lure the user in but also holds their attention throughout their visit to the website. Moreover, the UX of a website is also greatly responsible for increased sales, more website traffic and better SEO.

Therefore, in order to enhance your online presence and provide a better experience to your users, you need an aero eCommerce agency to help you out.

Now let’s see how you can create the perfect user experience for your potential customers.

1. Prioritise Information

Prioritising information efficiently is one of the most intricate aspects of a perfect user experience. 

Providing the most important information in the beginning and then repeating it towards the end helps the user remember the message you want to send.

A strong beginning and end help catch the user’s attention. It also helps ensure that the message is engraved into the user’s long-term memory. 

2. Focus on the Navigation

Navigation is a very important part of the user interface and helps make it easier for the user to navigate through the website.

Creating a perfect site map with an elegant visual design that helps the user move around the website without any confusion is the goal.

The more easily your users can navigate the website, the longer they’re likely to stay back. Think about it, have you ever been on a website where it was really hard to find what you were looking for?

Did you stick around a lot or just moved on to a different website? Well, you know what you did and now you know why navigation is important.

3. Always Account for the User’s Short Attention Span

One of the greatest pieces of advice given to UI / UX designers is to account for the short attention span and the short-term memory of the audience.

By making it absolutely easy to access and acquire information from the website, you make sure that your user doesn’t have to remember a lot; which if they had to, they probably won’t.

Also, stay away from any distractions that may lead the users elsewhere. Always ensure that their focus is completely on the website. A small distraction can completely ruin the experience and lead to the user leaving. 

4. Keep it Simple!!

Well, from everything that we’ve spoken about today, we hope you realise that a very important part of creating the perfect user experience is simplicity.

There isn’t anything that keeps a user more hooked than absolute convenience. As the digital world has revolutionised the business industry, convenience is the most valuable aspect of a website or an application.

With everything the users need right in front of them, you need to ensure that your website is simple yet alluring, easy to navigate yet appealing to the eyes. 

Now, this brings us to the next point.

5. Use Colours and Shapes Smartly

Shapes and colours have a massive impact on the way a person perceives almost anything on the planet, and artists know this. Well, so do marketers.

While building a website, one needs to elegantly capture the essence of the brand using colours, shapes and patterns.

To give a better understanding, think about Dr Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. His face was triangle shaped because ‘Triangles’ are often associated with evil, powerful and defiant feelings.

On the other hand circles or other shapes with no edges are perceived as friendly and trustworthy. 

The same goes for dark and light colours and how they affect the perception of a person towards a particular brand or website.

Using them efficiently can greatly help you grab your user’s attention for a longer time and help achieve the goals of your website.

In Conclusion…

Now that you have a better understanding of how you can create the perfect user experience for your users, it’s time you get working.

With these exceptional tips, you can explore the bounds of excellence in terms of UI / UX and achieve all your business goals.

However, in order to ensure absolute perfection, we would suggest that you get in touch with an agency that provides services like aero eCommerce set up or Magento 2 Manchester.

This will help you professionally enhance your website’s appearance and thus, grow your business.


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