Sentry Interactive Spearheads Innovation in Front Desk Operations and Access Management for the Modern Connected Workplace


The dynamic nature of today’s workplaces is bringing about profound changes for both the occupants and the owners. Currently, the office vacancy rate in the U.S. has soared to a 30-year peak of 18.2% in Q2, coupled with a 30% reduction in office attendance since the onset of the pandemic. This new reality underscores the critical need for an integrated, connected workplace experience to improve engagement, retention, and occupancy.

Echoing the sentiments of JLL’s Future of Work Survey, a notable 77% of organisations believe that offering flexible work arrangements, including remote and hybrid options, is crucial in attracting and retaining the best talent. As the trend towards dynamic, hybrid, and coworking environments grows, companies face numerous operational challenges. For managers, ensuring the effective functioning of the workplace is vital to boost flexibility and productivity. The evident gap in seamless integration between physical and digital workspaces underscores the necessity for a technologically integrated workplace, enhancing efficiency, security, and user interaction.

Workplace Evolution in the Era of Connectivity

The concept of integration extends beyond just connecting various systems. It involves crafting an ecosystem that leverages technology to enable smooth, intuitive interactions, thereby achieving advanced levels of automation, enhanced visitor experiences, and efficient access management. Investing in a connected workplace solution that provides such effortless integration enhances the overall user experience, fostering a relationship based on simplicity, supported by robust and secure systems.

With the increasing preference for hybrid workplaces, companies are actively seeking out cutting-edge solutions that can integrate seamlessly with their existing software ecosystems. These solutions are tailored to meet the challenges of the new work paradigm, with an emphasis on creating adaptable, efficient, and collaboration-friendly environments.

Sentry Interactive: Redefining Connected Workplace Solutions

Sentry Interactive has emerged as a leader in the evolving field of workplace software solutions, offering a comprehensive connected workplace experience. The company seamlessly integrates with coworking and flex space management software, tenant experience applications, and smart building ESG-focused platforms through its Software Development Kit (SDK).

Combining intuitive design with modern technology, Sentry Interactive provides a suite of solutions that form a holistic platform. This platform is designed to optimise workplace operations, reduce front desk operational costs, and maximise investment returns.

Their all-in-one solution integrates front desk operations, facilities management, digital communications, a digital receptionist, and proprietary calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. Additionally, it offers mobile access compatible with existing access control hardware, thus avoiding the need for new installations. This results in a seamless experience for everyone from front desk personnel to tenants, employees, and visitors.

A unique feature of Sentry Interactive’s solution is the integration of mobile access and visitor check-in with calendar functionalities. This feature simplifies the processes of scheduling, visitor management, and building access, which are essential in today’s dynamic workplace environments. It ensures efficient appointment and visitor management, thereby optimizing the use of front desk resources and space.

Incorporating NFC Technology, the platform enables seamless mobile access for iPhone and Android users, compatible with major legacy access control systems. This not only enhances the user experience but also simplifies access control for managers, proving indispensable in contemporary, connected workplaces.

Sentry Interactive offers a range of hardware solutions, complemented by its award-winning software platform. The Edge, an 8″ multi-touch screen, can be mounted on walls or counters. The premium 55″ touch screen Tower transforms the front desk operations, enhancing the experience in lobbies and reception areas, and ensuring a substantial return on investment.

Sentry Interactive positions itself as an essential integration partner for PropTech firms, access control OEM manufacturers, the broader security industry, and companies adapting to the modern workplace. Its ‘Connected Workplace Experience’ is not just sturdy and reliable, but also visionary, ready to equip organisations for an effortless transition into the future of work.

For additional details on how Sentry Interactive’s Connected Workplace Experience platform delivers secure, efficient, and seamless workplace solutions, reach out to the Sentry Interactive team here.


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