Mother’s Day Disappointment: Online Flower Service Fails to Deliver on Promises

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During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Quebec residents sought alternative ways to express their affection on Mother’s Day, given the constraints on traditional celebrations. A popular choice was to send floral arrangements through online services. Unfortunately, many customers who selected Bloomex, self-proclaimed as Canada’s premier florist, faced significant disappointment.

Sylvana Barone’s experience is a case in point. Expecting a beautiful dozen roses as depicted on Bloomex’s website, she was dismayed to receive a collection of wilted lilies and other less expensive flowers instead. “The delivery was completely different from what we had ordered,” Barone recounted. Following the delivery mishap, Barone and her husband attempted to contact customer service, facing multiple disconnections before finally reaching a representative. They were informed that their complaint could not be addressed until the following Monday, though a promise was made to investigate their order.

Operating since 2005, with an office in Pointe-Saint-Charles, Alberta, Bloomex has accumulated a significant number of customer complaints, as indicated by the Better Business Bureau. The dissatisfaction is echoed in the digital realm, where customers have taken to social media to share their grievances, including side-by-side photos of their orders versus what was delivered, highlighting a recurring issue with customer service.

The situation caught the attention of Christine Pickrell, a florist based in Pointe-Claire, Westmount, who criticised the quality of the arrangements she saw online. “It’s simply unacceptable,” she remarked. Pickrell shed light on the broader issue affecting the floral industry during the pandemic: the difficulty of stocking up due to import challenges. She pointed out that the surge in online and phone orders for florists was unprecedented, driven by the inability to celebrate Mother’s Day in more traditional ways, such as dining out or shopping for gifts in person.

Barone’s ordeal concluded with an offer for credit from Bloomex two days post-Mother’sDay, yet this resolution left her feeling unresolved. She articulated her frustration, suggesting the company’s practices bordered on misleading advertising and exploited customers at a time when people were already under considerable stress.

This incident underscores a broader concern within the floral delivery industry, highlighting the importance of reliability and customer service, especially during significant occasions like Mother’s Day. It serves as a cautionary tale for consumers to diligently research and select reputable services to ensure their expressions of love and appreciation are conveyed as intended.


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