Nadezhda Grishaeva’s Pioneering Luxury Fitness Club to Debut in the Middle East


Nadezhda Grishaeva, the acclaimed professional basketball player, is about to transform the fitness landscape with the introduction of a luxury fitness club in the Middle East. Building on the acclaim of her Anvil GYM club, this new project is anticipated to redefine the standards of luxury in health and fitness.

Grishaeva’s innovative approach seeks to challenge and elevate the conventional fitness club model, offering an experience that intertwines the pleasures of fine dining with the joys of social interaction. Her clubs are intended as holistic sanctuaries for rejuvenation, offering a unique blend of physical exercise and spiritual renewal.

“Much like dining out, a visit to a fitness club should engage all the senses,” Grishaeva points out. “It’s about creating an ambiance where members can recharge not only their bodies but also their spirits.”

The upcoming club will draw inspiration from the successful Anvil club, a collaboration with the visionary David Barton, and will feature an array of premium services and facilities. These include a diverse range of fitness classes, cutting-edge gym equipment, thorough fitness evaluations, and access to a team of world-class professionals. Additionally, the club is expected to offer opulent amenities such as a bath complex, spa salon, and a fine dining restaurant.

Grishaeva also envisions expanding this exclusive club concept to the USA and Europe, with each establishment designed to resonate with the local culture and atmosphere. The new club in the Middle East will be infused with the essence of Arabic culture, creating a unique and immersive experience.

Regarding the project, Grishaeva shared her vision, stating, “I’m setting new standards for the fitness industry. From the point of view of the canons of the fitness industry, I don’t do everything according to a template. My new project is a destination club, where club members strive not only for good physical health, but rather for a sense of inner well-being and comfort, satisfaction with their lifestyle and relationships with other people”.

The details concerning the club’s exact location and opening date are eagerly awaited, with the fitness community abuzz with anticipation for this transformative luxury wellness venture.


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