EsteCapelli Sets New Benchmark in Hair Restoration with Exosome Technique


EsteCapelli Medical Solutions, a pioneer in the European healthcare sector, has unveiled the Exosome hair transplantation technique, setting a new standard in the fight against hair loss. This innovative approach utilises exosome plasmas, with proteins from umbilical cord blood, to stimulate cell regeneration in the transplant area and enhance the robustness and growth of hair follicles through signaling molecules.

EsteCapelli, at the helm of advancements in hair transplantation and regenerative health in Europe, has introduced the Exosome hair transplant method, epitomising the apex of current technological and therapeutic developments in addressing hair loss. Under the stewardship of the esteemed Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar, EsteCapelli has adopted the Exosome hair therapy, significantly boosting the success rates of hair transplants and ensuring the cultivation of hair that appears both healthier and more authentic.

Exosomes have quickly risen to prominence in the sphere of hair aesthetic improvement and rejuvenation, with their efficacy underpinned by extensive scientific research. These plasmas, functioning as natural catalysts for hair regeneration, encourage cellular multiplication in the transplant vicinity and fortify the growth of hair follicles through dynamic signaling.

Fusing Science with Advanced Technology for Hair Restoration

Exosome therapy draws on the unique properties of exosomes, extracted from cells in prime conditions, to achieve specific therapeutic aims. In the realm of hair transplantation, this therapy is crucial for the nurturing, proliferation, and sustenance of hair follicles, utilising exosomes from cord blood replete with proteins, growth factors, and minerals essential for healthier hair growth.

Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar discussed the significance of this approach at EsteCapelli, stating, “The intersection of science and high technology with years of experience is a breakthrough in hair restoration. Science has almost reached its peak in hair transplantation technology.”

Transforming Hair Transplantation and Post-Transplant Care

Exosomes derived from the plasma of umbilical cord blood play a crucial role in surmounting one of the most significant obstacles in the healing process post-transplantation. The Exosome treatment method facilitates the seamless integration of grafts into their new environment, promoting the growth of healthier transplanted hair, thus marking a revolution in hair transplant technology. Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar commented, “For patients looking for the best hair transplant method, Exosome hair treatment makes it possible to get more effective results in a shorter time.”

Marking Over 15,000 Successful Procedures

EsteCapelli, a global advocate for Turkey’s health tourism and a significant health service provider to 47 countries, consistently pioneers the latest in hair transplantation and cosmetic surgeries, offering these innovations to its patients. Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar, EsteCapelli’s celebrated hair transplant specialist and Medical Director, highlighted the clinic’s unwavering focus on patient satisfaction, with a track record of over 15,000 successful patient outcomes globally. He stated, “As EsteCapelli, we have once again proven our commitment to offer the most advanced technology and the best results with the Exosome hair transplant method. This innovation reinforces our leading position in our field. Anyone who wants to open the door to a happy future can benefit from the end-to-end hair transplantation service offered by EsteCapelli in Istanbul.”

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