Storio Group Unfolds a New Chapter with Strategic Brand Transformation and Leadership Renewal for Growth


Evolving from its former identity as albelli-Photobox Group, the parent of Photobox UK and Bonusprint, the company has embarked on a new journey as Storio group. This strategic rebranding marks a significant milestone in the European personalised photo product sector, underscored by a formidable revenue of over EUR 340M and a thriving customer community of 11 million. This brand rejuvenation coincides with a crucial executive shift, with Alessandro Coppo taking over the CEO reins from Tristan Money on the 8th of February, 2024. This leadership transition is a pivotal component of the organisation’s strategic vision post-merger, aimed at reinforcing integration, igniting innovation, and propelling growth.

The announcement of this transformative rebranding and executive transition was celebrated at a dynamic internal launch event, broadcast live from Amsterdam, London, and Barcelona. This event served to unite the company’s widespread European operations in a collective digital festivity, signifying the advent of a promising era for Storio group, with celebrations mirrored across all its establishments.

Tristan Money culminated his notable leadership tenure, highlighted by the successful merger with Photobox in January 2022, by passing on the leadership mantle to Alessandro Coppo.

Alessandro Coppo steps into the Storio group with a rich backdrop of over 25 years of industry experience, including significant tenures at Boston Consulting Group and a transformative 17-year spell at eBay. His leadership at eBay, which catalysed the Classifieds Group’s revenue growth from $300M to in excess of $1B, exemplifies his strategic prowess in leveraging innovative technology to forge meaningful connections and craft secure, pleasurable commerce experiences. His extensive expertise is a perfect match for Storio group’s strategic ambitions and cultural values.

As the new CEO, Alessandro is committed to building upon the robust foundation established by Tristan and the leadership team, with the vision of elevating Storio group to a prominent and beloved brand renowned for connecting individuals with their most precious moments.

The rebranding to Storio group symbolises the company’s ongoing evolution and its dedication to crafting enduring experiences. This brand overhaul signifies the company’s relentless pursuit of innovation and growth within the industry. At the core of Storio group’s new identity is the mission statement “To Make Joy Unforgettable,” reflecting its commitment to turning cherished customer moments into enduring memories.

Alessandro Coppo shared his excitement about his new role, “It’s a thrilling time to lead a company that sits at the intersection of digital and physical realms and whose products have a deep level of emotional connection with its customers. Our commitment to innovation and personal connection is unique, and I look forward to building on the strong foundation laid by Tristan and the team. Our new brand identity and values will be central to our commitment to customers and employees.”

Alessandro Coppo – Chief Executive Officer

Commenting on the changes, Tristan Money remarked, “The launch of Storio group and the welcoming of Alessandro Coppo as CEO, marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Since the merger of albelli and Photobox Group 2 years ago, we have worked diligently to integrate our operations and set a clear path for the future. Alessandro’s experience and vision align perfectly with Storio group’s mission, vision, purpose, values, and proposition.”

With its refreshed brand identity and strategic leadership in place, Storio group is well-equipped to enhance its market position, introducing innovative offerings to elevate the customer experience and drive growth, in alignment with its redefined purpose, values, and EVP.


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